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Frisia is a relatively small mapper, and admin on the Diarchy of Mapping. His channel was created during the summer of 2018, however, he has started mapping in mid 2017, although never uploading any content.

History in Mapping


Frisia had first discovered mapping in 2018, with the first video he watched being Romanian Mapping's Alternate Future of the World Movie. After watching several other mapping videos from mappers like Japanese and CheezeWafflz, he decided he would try to make his own countryballs.


At first, his countryballs were about as crude as it can get. Using circle and line tool, he made a countryball of Texas in Microsoft Paint. However, he felt this was not good enough, and decided to watch several Countryball Tutorials, and therefore stumbled upon, which would be his primary software well into 2018. Eventually, his countryballs started getting better and better, in his opinion at least. However, he felt it still was not good enough, and he found no real way to improve anymore.

Introduction to Text Mapping

All while this was going on, he was still actively interested in Mapping, and watching it on a daily basis. Thanks to this, and partly, greater activity on discord servers such as the Diarchy, he decided that countryballs weren't really a thing for him, and started making first text maps.

Diarchy Extended Universe

Eventually having achieved a staff position on the Diarchy, he entered a collaboration with, at the time, George, MerryMerryJerry and Asmodeus, as well as several others in early 2018. This would serve as the takeoff for his interests in making mapping himself. Inspired by Imperialis, Proxima, Korean and other mappers, he started planning out his first series: Alternate History of Europe.

First Videos

During the summer holidays of 2018, Frisia released his first video. An Alternate History of Europe, focused on the sudden spread of Irreligiousness in the 1200-1300s after a discovery of future technology on Greenland. This, while it was decent at best, started a sudden burst of motivation to create more series. And so was created Alternate Future of Europe, an entirely new series. Both of the aforementioned series were also part of the DEU.


Alternate Future of Europe was the series he decided to stick with for the next few months, and Episode 2 was released in a waiting time of only three days. Then, however, he went into a large hiatus, due to personal troubles, as well as a bigger focus on his administrator position on the Diarchy. In this time, he improved a lot, most notably gaining access to a cracked version of Photoshop, drastically increasing video quality. However, Episode 3 of Alternate Future of Europe would not be released until November. As well as that, AHoE was cancelled for good. Some months later, AFoE Episode 4 followed, as well as a tournament group project about World War 2 in February, but that was it. Another hiatus would follow.


This second hiatus was not without reason. During the time of it, Frisia's laptop broke, with all of his files on it. He has openly stated that he is working on getting a new device, but so far, nothing has happened.