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Template:Infobox warThe Ga Xalian Civil War was the first civil war on Famana. It was fought between Ga Xal and Rebels from all over the country due to religious differences, later with the rebels siding with the occupied peoples: Bavian, Makyan, Vaximorian, Kommeli, Zakoni, Callan, all wishing independence.


In the year 63, Nidero Tilav claimed that if the Ga Xalian religion was true, based on four equal in power gods, the world would have not be stable. Therefore, he stated that there must be one god more powerful than others. The Ga Xalian government decreed the idea heresy, and started the Chase of Nidero Tilav. The chase ended in 64, when Nidero was executed. But a decade later, Ga Xalian philosophers claimed that he was right. this led to the people believe it as well, starting a revolt. Seeing the chance of getting independence, all the countries occupied by Ga Xal revolted, joining the rebels.

The War

The war was long, and deadly. The rebels' main areas were in the southwest, near the Makyna river, where a lot of the occupied peoples were; in the southeast, where Nidero Tilav was living (around Ximal), so he had more support; also some Nojun people likely wanted revenge for the Chase, and in the northeast which was the most populated area of Ga Xal and also had the Callan and Kommeli rebels. The war was won in the Year 75.


The Ga Xalian rebels attacked the previously occupied countries, starting the Great Independence War.