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Not to be confused with the series Gauche, in which the country is the main antagonist.

Gauche was a superstate in Western and Central Europe that formed in the aftermath of the War of XX00, and the titular main antagonist of Frkon's Gauche. It also governed over the majority of Eastern Europe by means of various satellite states until the Russo-Gaucher War.

The full backstory of Gauche is unknown to the general public, and this information is likely withheld by Gauche themselves, having access to memory holes that the totalitarian state uses on a frequent basis. However, a common fan theory is that France and Germany united after the French had discovered lightricity, to form a monopoly on the energy source and use it to dominate the political world. Soon after, a war with the known opposition being Italy, Poland and Magyar occurred with a Gauche victory, causing the state to increase its authoritarianism and control of information to stop any potential future uprisings.

In the main series itself, which generally takes place after 2087 (or XX63 according to the Gaucher calendar), Gauche actively exercises its superiority over its Eastern European protectorates. Gauche frequently punishes its puppets by seizing them, a method feared by Eastern Europe for destroying the pride of a nation. It repeatedly actions against the interest of the liberties of its puppets, causing them to slowly lose trust in their parent state. It also initially defended its "ally" Greece against attacking Barbarians, yet when it was proven that the Greeks had lost the war, Gauche itself excommunicated the Hellenic people and executed all volunteer forces sent by its own puppet states, likely to protect a secret.

Gauche is revered in mapping for being an excellent and mysterious antagonist. Its demeanour is threatening and its backstory is intriguing. It generally received praise for its successful policy of passive-aggressiveness, which compiled with uncontested power creates a terrifying villain. Nibiru once said that "mapping theorizing had hit its second wind thanks to Gauche".


Life in Gauche Proper

The vast majority of Gauche's citizens do not know of Gauche's totalitarian nature. The known history in Gauche is very skewed than the real one, as Gauche controls it. Frkon has stated that there are most likely some private sector businesses in Gauche. Arts such as writing are mostly nonexistent in the country and most buildings have no names and citizens resort to asking the shop owner what the shop sells.

Life in Eastern Europe

Gauche seems to have complete and utter control over every puppet state it has. Frkon has confirmed that the history known in Gauche and the history known in their puppets are different. In fact, Gauche has maintained such a firm grip on the minds of his puppets that Poland and Belarus are not aware of where bananas come from, or what books are. In fact, judging off of Poland's phrasing upon discover of The Art of Lightricity, it is possible that Gauche has removed the knowledge of other languages.


  • Gauche is French for "Left". This could refer to the location of Gauche in Western Europe, or hint at its political ideology.
  • There are clear parallels drawn between Gauche and Oceania, a superpower in the classic novel 1984.
    • Both Gauche and Oceania are superstates. Gauche is likely united from the product of France and Germany, while Oceania was the result of "the United States absorbing the British Empire".
    • Both Gauche and Oceania are totalitarian, and they constantly survey and lie to their own citizens, creating a dystopia for all unfortunate enough to live in it. Gauche also likely employs the ideology known as English Socialism in its regime.
  • A theory created by Nibiru suggests that the 6 stars on the flag of Gauche pay homage to the 6 likely countries first absorbed into Gauche's borders; France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Best Quotes

  • Episode 2, Episode 6 - Thank you for understanding why we did this, and we hope to see all of you following the rules to keep this place a very safe environment.
  • Episode 3 - ANNOUNCEMENT: It has come to our attention that a civil war has broken out in one of our countries.
  • Episode 7 - The attack has ended, not before misery of our useless ally. What's left of them will be directly incorporated into Gauche.
  • Episode 9 - Because of rule violations, the country of Ukraine has been seized.
  • Episode 10 - You dare believe you could secrete your measly little insurgence from the likes of me?! I'll grant you a salvation, one more chance to keep your life. Take or die. Tell me who's in the forefront of your plan and I'll let you go.
  • Episode 16 - Poland, I lied. I'm not Crimea. Thanks for telling me everything.
  • Episode 18 - Look Poland. How many people are you willing to send out to be slaughtered for this idea of 'freedom' and for those whose beliefs you don't even know about?