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Not to be confused with the titular antagonist Gauche.

Gauche (Alternate Europe), commonly referred to as Gauche, is an Alternate Future of Europe mapping series created by Frkon. The first season aired from July 28 - October 4, 2018, and the second season aired from October 24, 2018 - February 17, 2019. The third and final season aired from March 23 - September 14, 2019.

The plot is focused on the perspective of several Eastern European states, mainly Poland, under the control of their hyperpower, totalitarian parent state Gauche. The history of the world, and much of the information within it was censored by Gauche in order to maintain total dominance over eastern Europe, and much of the plot is based on the gradual uncovering of the information Gauche has hidden and the gradual discovery that Gauche is not as morally good as it claims.

Gauche is universally praised for its graphics and plot. The animations themselves have inspired many mappers, and the characters are depicted as some of the best in mapping.


The page is being reworked so that the plot reflects the events as the viewer sees them. Press this link for an in-series chronological timeline of events.


The series initially begins with a fourth-wall breaking monologue from Poland, who narrates the story. They explain how the story is about how they died, and give some context on Gauche. They explain that the earliest memory anyone has is of the War of XX00, and that there is no evidence of any event preceding it. Gauche came out of the war victorious, and redrew the borders of Eastern Europe and puppeted every nation they formed. Poland stops narrating and allows the series to flow its natural course, beginning in XX63.

Poland Discovers The Art of Lightricity

A map of Europe in XX63.

Poland asks Belarus about an object that they have never heard of (a book), named The Art of Lightricity. It is illegible to Poland and Belarus. Belarus notifies Gauche of the discovery, despite some resistance from Poland, who is afraid of being seized. They compare a potential punishment to that of Austria, yet Belarus reaffirms that Austria was seized due to pride, not obedience.

Ukraine contacts Poland, due to a lack of communication. Poland tells Ukraine about the book, and Ukraine tells Poland that Magyar may be aware of what it is, as they brought up an object matching its description in a previous conversation. Ukraine tells Poland that they will contact Magyar and inquire about the book.

Gauche responds to the information that the book has been discovered, and orders Belarus and Poland to burn it without asking questions. Belarus tells Poland to burn it, but Poland refuses. Belarus and Poland debate obeying Gauche, and Belarus eventually allows Poland to keep the book privately.

Slovakia talks to Belarus about Poland, and tells them that Poland is useless and naive. Belarus defends Poland, and fears for them being seized.

End of Austria's Seize

A map of the northern Balkans upon Austria's return.

Slavonia informs Belarus that they northern border has been freed, and soon after, Austria is revealed to be released from being seized. After a short announcement by Gauche, Poland welcomes Austria back. However, instead of the conceited, bold personality, Austria is quiet and timid. After being asked about the shift in character, Austria says that they are not allowed to give details about their seize, and isolates itself.

List of Episodes

The statistics were valid on June 8, 2019.

Season 1

No. Title Upload Date Views
1 A Story July 28, 2018 10,302
2 The Return August 9, 2018 5,031
3 The Betrayal August 14, 2018 4,516
4 The Solution August 29, 2018 4,192
5 The Wilderness September 10, 2018 4,505
6 The Manipulation September 22, 2018 4,219
7 The Ally September 30, 2018 5,073
8 The Seize October 4, 2018 5,554

Season 2

No. Title Upload Date Views
9 The Division October 24, 2018 4,214
10 The Change November 4, 2018 4,196
11 The Fall November 11, 2018 2,826 (+~1,700)
12 The Plan November 23, 2018 5,565
13 The War December 8, 2018 5,420
14 The Past December 21, 2018 5,306
15 The Friend January 5, 2019 6,039
16 and The Failure February 17, 2019 7,221

Season 3

No. Title Upload Date Views
17 Punishment March 23, 2019 5,211
18 A Hope May 6, 2019 8,726
19 A Chance July 29, 2019 18,607
20 An End September 14, 2019 16,149


Gauche has been universally praised for its plot and animations, sometimes being called the greatest mapping series of all time.