Germany, officially the New German Reich, is a major power in Central Europe and of the main protagonists of Federation Mapper's series, Three Worlds. It was formed after Erwin Rommel Assassinated Hitler on 20th July 1944. Rommel would assume power and end the Second World War. Soon Germany would found itself dragged into a 3-way Cold War against both the United States and the Soviet Union.


Pre-Second World War (1871-1939)

Modern Germany is first formed as the German Empire in 1871, where Prussia and 35 other German States unite into a single nation. It experienced great economic and military growth during most of its lifespan. In 1914, The First World War broke out and Germany, along with its allies, lost the war in 1918. The new democratic Weimar Republic formed after the war fell into a deep depression economically and militarily as a nation, which led to the rise of the Nazi Party, a political party that sought to unite all Germans and expand its boundaries. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, The Nazis took control in 1933, and just 5-6 years later, they annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia. Despite several warnings by France and Britain, Germany invaded Poland in 1939, beginning the Second World War

Second World War and Near Endsieg (1939-1944)

The Germans manage to annihilate most of their opponents during the war. And in 1941, Germany declare war on the Soviet Union. Despite slow advances early on, the Germans have arrived at the gates of Moscow in 1944, Hitler's dream of a Greater Germanic Reich seemed to have come true.

20th July Assassination and The Rise of Rommel (1944-1954)

However, on 20th July, Erwin Rommel, along with Hermann Fegelein and Claus von Stauffenburg assassinated Hitler by planting a bomb during Hitler's rally in Konigsberg. Hitler is killed in the attack, along with many high-ranking Nazis like Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler. Then Rommel pleeded to the Allies and the Soviets to end the war, which they accepted on the 24th July. Rommel is known to his friends as a humble, forgiving leader who sometimes befriends his enemies. Hermann Goering, a high-ranking Nazi, was assigned as an Air Force Marshal instead of sentenced to death like the other high-ranking Nazis. Other high-ranking Nazis forgiven by Rommel include Hans "Fish guy" Krebs, Otto Gunsche, Alfred Jodl, Wilhelm Burgdorf, and Hans Fritzsche. He then set many economic and military reforms to revive Germany's former glory and made Germany a great power again.

The New Axis era (1954-1968)

Germany soon found itself in a percarious position, in between clashing ideologies of the East and West. With Capitalism in the West and Communism in the East, Germany formed the New Axis in 1955, along with his brother, Austria, and France, to face the ever-increasing threats of these ideologies. Together with Switzerland, they manage to swept aside the remaining Fascist nations of Europe in 1956. Then in 1959, along with Poland and Romania's Cordon Sanitare alliance, they manage to defeat the Soviet Union. Germany also joined wars outside of Europe like Sino-Soviet War in 1963, helping both the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and his enemy the Soviet Union defeat China and his allies.

War of Vengeance (1968-1972)

Early Phases (1968-69)

In 1968, another war broke out between Germany and the Soviet Union, but this time, Britain joins in to assist the Soviets, while America was intending to join the war later. Despite getting pushed back during the early stages of the war, Germany and friends manage to fight back their opponents. The situation got better for Germany as Konstantin Rokossovsky, the Top Field Marshal of the Soviet Red Army, returned home to his native Poland, who is fighting the Soviets, and assumes power there. He then signed an agreement with Rommel to merge The New Axis and the Cordon Sanitare together.

Death of a Bruder and Success (1969-70)

As the war progress against the Soviet's favour, the Soviet Union decided to drop a nuclear bomb on Germany's brother, Austria. Switzerland was also nuked in the process, and Germany was devastated by the loss of his brother. So much so, that Rommel was reportedly suffering from depression. The Soviets also pushed past Romania and is nearing the gates of Warsaw, but then, Japan and the Prosperity Sphere intervened to help the New Axis. Then Britain declared war on neutral Sweden for trading with Germany, which caused the Nordic Nations, who were helping Britain, to turn against him and also caused the American nations to quit NATO. Britain blames Germany and drops a nuclear bomb in North Germany. Despite having 50% of its land nuked, Germany carried on and managed to liberate Western Europe single-handedly. Seeing Germany's success, Britain and the Soviet Union decided to merge pacts, but Germany manage to defeat Britain, and Western Europe was fully liberated.

Ernst Thalmann Rebellion (1971)

Once again, it all comes down to Germany vs the Soviet Union. but then, the Soviet manage to plot a Communist Rebellion in Germany, led by Ernst Thalmann. The rebels manage to capture Frankfurt and seemingly put Germany to its knees.

BERSERK MODE (1971-72)

But then, Germany enters a state called "Berserk Mode" in which Germany was given some sort of "Unlimited Power". With this, not only Germany manage to supress the rebellion, but also defeated the Soviet Union and his allies single-handedly. The Soviets finally surrendered, and 55 years of communist rule is over.

Life After Rommel (1984-present)

Rommel's decline and death (1984-85)

Germany entered massive economic success after the war. but in contrast, Rommel's health declined. He begin to suffer cardiac arrest in early 1984, and it gets worse overtime. Then in May 12th 1984, during the Stuttgart rally, he collapsed while giving a speech, suffering HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), giving a major red flag on his decline in health. Rommel was entered or taken to Hospital another 7 times throughout 1984 and 1985, before entering for an 8th time in 22nd September 1985. On October 19th, 7 days after Heart surgery, Rommel passed away. The entire nation went into national mourning. Rommel was suceeded by his appointed sucessor, Hermann Fegelein. He managed to took Germany to more economic heights, but without Rommel, nothing would ever be the same again.

Bruder's return and Fegelein's death (2004-07)

In 2004, 19 years after Rommel's death, The whole of the nuked lands of Austria was cleaned after 32 years. Then, much to Germany's shock, Austria and Switzerland was reincarnated, and the Brothers was finally reunited after 35 years. Austria and Switzerland came up to the terrible truth that Rommel has passed away. But was pleased to find out that his sucessor was Fegelein. Germany then tells the story of post-war Europe from start to finish. 3 years later, Fegelein passed away. He is 101 years old.

Personality & Relationships.

Germany is known to be strong, humble, friendly and forgiving, derived by its leader, Erwin Rommel. He also makes friends with many nations like


Austria is formed after the Second World War as Germany's revived brother. They were very close to each other, which was showed significantly in the end of Round 1 and the beginning of Round 2. Germany was so devastated when Austria died in the hands of Soviet nukes, that Rommel suffered from depression. Germany also cried in happiness as his brother was reincarnated in 2004.


Poland was Germany's main partner after the death of his brother during the War of Vengeance. Poland's leader, Konstantin Rokossovsky, was shown to be very close to Rommel, which convinced them to merge their alliances together in 1969. Poland was also responsible for sparking Germany's spirit of no surrender.


Before Poland, Germany's main partner is France, with whom form the New Axis along with Austria. Together they swept aside the Fascist nations of Italy, Spain, and Croatia.


Burma was probably Germany's biggest ally outside of Europe. He has helped Burma build its economy and military and even built some fortifications there. Together they manage to defeat China in 1963.

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