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This page generally refers to the Graxum from Ambrosio Ioannou's 8128th attempt at world domination.

Do you feel it? The terror in their veins? They're scared. They're terrified of us. That's why they oppose us. They outnumber us, but they can't outsmart me.
~ Graxum, 2091

Graxum, officially known as the Empire of Graxum is a totalitarian dictatorship in the Balkans and Asia, with colonies in North Africa and the Middle East, and the protagonist of Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe.

Graxum was formed due to a military coup which occurred on May 12, 2020, spearheaded by military general Ambrosio Ioannou, who had grown tired of the "inept leadership". He immediately took over the entire region of Greece and imposed a jingoist policy. Using a time machine, Ioannou then managed to test an incredible amount of possible plans to expand its influence across Europe, using each timeline as a "testing ground".

During Ioannou's 8128th attempt, where the main series takes place, Graxum systematically eradicates most countries in south-east Europe and becomes the undisputed great power of the continent. It initially annexes smaller, weaker states such as Cyprus and Albania, yet eventually goes on to be the prevailing state that heads its alliances in the Third and Fourth World Wars.

The legacy of Graxum is undisputed by any other character, as Graxum was the first nationium, and to some the first country in mapping with a serious character arc. The aggression and intelligence of Graxum defined what a good villain would be and set in motion the First Wave Edge.


This section is incomplete, and only includes information before World War Four. It needs expanding.

May 12 Coup

Before Graxum, Ambrosio Ioannou was a military general of the Hellenic Republic. On May 12, 2020, Ambrosio succeeded in a coup d'état to defeat "the inept leadership".

Initial Expansions

The newly formed Graxum's first expansion was Cyprus. However, Cyprus denied the Graxine ultimatum, and thus Graxum crushed the island with a decisive victory.

Graxum then came to the aid of New Tripoltania, after it was attacked by Egypt. Against the combined power of the Graxine and New Tripoltanian forces, Egypt stood no chance and soon capitulated. Graxum then colonized Egypt, and immediately turned on New Tripoltania, annexing it into Graxine Egypt and forming the colony of Graxine North Africa.

Graxum then gave an offer to Turkey to resolve their economic crisis by buying East Thrace for a substantial amount. After initial hesitation, Turkey agreed on the condition that the Turks would be an accepted minority in the region.

Alliance with Ardumus

Graxum then contacted the newly formed Ardumus asking for an alliance. Ardumus declined, citing that their ideologies are polar opposites. However, Graxum states Ardumus' secret code, "Contra vim mortis non crescit herba in hortis", proving to "know everything". This is enough for Ardumus to trust Graxum, and the alliance is formed. After the Great Eastern War, Graxum and Ardumus formulate a plot to combat Austro-Germania, who had sided with the aggressors in the said war.

Graxum then declared war on Albania, citing that Northern Epirus was to be annexed. Albania willingly ceded the region to Graxum, ending the war immediately.

Secret Anti-Graxine Coalition

Graxum then declared war on Malta, easily overwhelming and annexing it. Austro-Germania then urged Graxum to halt its aggressive behavior, yet Graxum declines, stating that Austro-Germania is a backstabber who invaded his neighbors during the Great Eastern War. Graxum then reveals to Austro-Germania that it is aware of the secret coalition targeting it, comprised of the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Austro-Germania themselves. This shocks Austro-Germania and also deeply harms relations.

After the Ardumium-Tunisian War, Graxum contacted Russia. They then stated that Russia wants to attack Poland, but is unable to do so because of the secret coalition led by the UK. Graxum then offers an alliance, stating that they both have similar enemies and similar goals of expansion., While Russia dubs the proposition "aggressive", they deeply admire the Graxine expansionist attitude and consider the offer.

World War Three

Graxum, prepared for a large war with the coalition directed against it, declared war on Turkey. Austro-Germania and France then declared war on Graxum to end their aggression once and for all. Ardumus declared war on Austro-Germania. Poland and Belgium declared war on the two nations, followed by the Netherlands and the UK, who also declared war on Graxum and Ardumus. Russia then supported Graxum and Ardumus and joined the war on their side.

Graxum's first goal was to collapse Turkey as quickly as possible. Rapid advances (likely blitzkrieg) quickly forced the Turkish government to surrender, having land annexed by Graxum and reforming itself into the Turkish Governorate after capitulation. Then, after an Ardumium invasion of Portgual and a Russian invasion of Romania, Graxum invaded Albania, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. After more and more of the Balkans were drawn into the war, Graxine and Russian troops managed to squeeze out any resistance and crush all nations who opposed them.

To destabilize Austro-Germania, Graxum gave several Austro-Germanian generals and ministers the Cure For Death. In a mad grab for power, many local governments inside Austro-Germania such as Austria and Bavaria declared independence, and as such Austro-Germania collapsed, with Graxum setting up a clear successor to the German state in the form of the Neo-German Empire.

Eventually, after giving advice to Ardumus and Russia and manning a few invasions of its own, the coalition had surrendered, with France being the last member to do so. Graxum, Ardumus, and Russia had won the Third World War.

Right after the war, a treaty is signed changing the borders. However, also right after this, Ardumus and Graxum begin to have distrust in Russia, eventually abandoning them.

Breakup with Ardumus

18 years after World War Three, Graxum is being involved in politics once again. Ardumus began to have huge doubt in Graxum, and left Graxum's side. Due to this, Graxum began an embargo with Ardumus and cut all communications off.

Revolts in Graxine Puppet States are easily put down, however, Hungary intervenes on a third party side. During the war, Graxum defeats its enemies with ease, however Hungary quickly stole land and exited the war. Once Graxum asked for the land back, Hungary denied claiming it is their rightful land. Graxum then attacked Hungary and formed it into the puppet state of Hungaria.

Alliance with France

Graxum demands land from Romania. The officials from Graxum sends an ultimatum to the Romanian Government. The ultimatum is accepted, and Dobruja is given to Graxine control. However, Romania is not happy with the ultimatum.

After the breakup with Ardumus, Graxum seeks a new ally. Graxum asks France, who denies at first. However, Graxum promises power to France, and after some reluctance, France becomes an ally of the Graxine Empire.

Graxum demands Subcarpathia is given to Graxum's Hungaria puppet state, and Slovakia refuses. Graxum threatens war at first. However, the Eurasian Union backs up. After some talk, the Eurasian Union concedes and pressures Slovakia into giving Graxum's puppet state the land. Soon after that, Graxum integrates its Balkan puppets into its nation.

The Middle Eastern Race

After a while, Graxum declares war on Iraq. Graxum quickly and easily begins invading Iraq. The Eurasian Union asks Iran for military access, but this is denied. Due to this, The Eurasian Union has to go around and tries to race Graxum to the middle east. However, by the time Eurasian forces arrive, Graxum has occupied most of the nation. The Eurasian Union concedes once again.

World War Four

World War Four started with Graxum and France surrounding Italy. Italy was taken over easily, and Ardumus thought they did too little. Later on in the war, Graxum told Ardumus they knew that Ardumus gave the cure for death to Eurasia, and Eurasia falls apart from revolution as Graxum leaks this to the world. Then, Graxum and France obliterate North Italy, and attack Ardumus. At Madrid, Graxum tells Ardumus how they had a time machine and tried to do this exact thing so many times. Then, Ardumis is killed and only the United Kingdom remains.


  • I have evolved. Now the world will evolve with me. Soon.
  • It's just the way it is.
  • My expectations are never wrong.
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Ardumus. A fact that everyone knows but fails to present.
  • Every nation only cares about themselves. No exceptions.
  • Welcome to the end of the beginning.
  • Welcome to the beginning of the end.
  • All I have to do is pull the trigger.
  • The secret to winning is hiding how much you have lost.
  • Don't you see, Ardumus? I'm always one step ahead.
  • I always win.
  • I win.
  • Goodbye, Ardumus.
  • Contra vim mortis non crescit herba in hortis.