The Greater Italian Empire is a nation in MerryMerryJerry's Alternate Future of the World. It is led by Vincenzo Mortellini, an associate of Iulius Villain.


After the Global Blackout of 2022, turmoil swept the world. Italy in particular saw the rise of a new radical party, the Party of European Light. On January 30, 2023, they managed to win the Italian Presidential Election, with their candidate, Vincenzo Mortellini, being sworn in as the new President. On February 13, a bomb exploded in parliament, killing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Nine days later, Mortellini finalized and passed his revolutionary Parliament Bomb Decree, which abolished Parliament, gave him unchecked power, and declared Italy an empire.

Affiliations and Ideology

Mortellini's government is heavily affiliated with the Italian Mob, as well as Iulius Villain's Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood. As a result, most foreign nations severed many relations. The Ideology of Mortellini is not well defined, though it is similar in many ways to Luzism of Venezuela. What is known is that the Greater Italian Empire has abolished many references to Christian religion.

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