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GyLala is a Hungarian gaming YouTuber, who plays mostly Age of Civilizations II. Though he is not officially a mapper, he is well known in Mapperdonia, and sometimes even incorrectly referred to as a mapper. He joined YouTube in 2008.

In late 2019, GyLala was targeted by mapping-based raiders over unconfirmed allegations of zoophilia and pedophilia.


Early days

GyLala created his channel back on June 2008, and the first games he played were Serious Sam, POSTAL 2, and Populous: The Beginning. He went inactive on 2013, and returned in the next year. He then went inactive once again in 2016.


On early June 2018, he finally returned and played different games and did Minecraft animations and animations at VRChat.

AOC2 era (Nov 2018-July 2020)

On November 15, 2018, he uploaded his first AOC2 video, and started to mostly record AOC2 videos than other stuff he made. His AOC2 videos are very popular, though his subscriber count boosted.

The Giant Controversy (September 2019)

Around September The Bat Commune was very upset with GyLala's subscriber count, Then Evancraft53 found a website known as, which claimed he was a zoophile, and a pedophile. [‌citation needed‌] On September 15, 2019, Wonderwaffle posted the link to Twitter, which got almost all of Mapperdonia, including the anti-mappers and the Bats against GyLala, this was one of the biggest controversies ever occured in the mapping community, as GyLala was almost terminated during this controversy.

Later GGG502 made an apology video / post about what he have done to him.

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