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Not to be confused with the series Hague, in which the country is the main protagonist.

The whole independence movement against Russia was started by [Hague], really. [Hague] was such a powerful speaker; he led everyone with such confidence; it's no wonder the independence war went so smoothly.
~ England

Hague is a sovereign state in the Low Countries that gained its independence after rallying Europe against Russia, and the titular main protagonist of Frkon's Hague. Despite being instrumental in global politics after the Russo-Gaucher War, Hague has seemingly lost all their memories as a result of Russian lightricity, and they, with help from England are actively working to retrieve them, while also investigating the possibility of Gauche still being alive.

Hague originally talked to England, and soon learned of their loss of memories. At the end of Episode 1, America, which had been neutral up until this point, had said that Hague should talk to Romania, potentially for their memories back.