Haromiam Gastoor

Haromiam Gastoor (117-154) was a mid-Second Age prophet and king of Geopyopia who founded the Washoomian Religion in The Sunset Mapping's History of Famana.


In the Famanan year 136, when he was 19 years old, Gastoor left his village on the edge of a lake to go on a long hike, one that would eventually span 6 years. Gastoor eventually climbed Mt. Washoom and remained their meditating. Gastoor somehow managed to stay alive without replenishing his hunger or thirst, and came to the conclusion that the mountain must have been sustaining his life. He made his way back to his village in the year 142, and informed the officials about how Geopyopia sustained him. He then began developing the Washoomian Religion, under the basic point that the each individual has a soul and that the mountain had the greatest soul of all. Eventually the entire Geopyopian region was united under Washoomism under united under a single state, with Gastoor at the head.

Gastoor died from cardiac arrest in the Famanan year 154, while he was meditating on Mt. Washoom. Some have theorized his death to be due to him witnessing Yomtanians in Mt. Washoom and dying from fear.


  • One theory about how Gastoor was sustained by Washoom was that he wasn't. Gastoor simply developed insanity for being alone for 6 years.
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