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HenryEditz is a Serbian former mapper. His latest series is Alternate Future Of Europe Season 2 on his channel. He is a founder and owner of the Infiland Community which is a discord server. HenryEditz is mostly known for his second channel, Infiland Mapping, and his Alternate Future of Europe Movie, which is the most viewed mapping video as of August 31st, 2019.

Before Mapping

HenryEditz as a channel was made in 2016, but the channel name was called "Henry The MLG Killer". Most frequent content uploaded were Undertale-related videos.

HenryEditz confirms he had an older channel where he played Portal and Minecraft, but so far, no evidence has been found.

Early Mapping

His mapping career started in Early 2017 by uploading the unfinished AFOTW series of his, the video was inspired by two mappers, Super LV and Scandi.

The music HenryEditz used was mostly from the composer Kevin Macleod , commonly known for his copyright-free works.

HenryEditz was interested in animated wars, because he was inspired in Void Viper's style. HenryEditz did animated war tests in order to achieve his goal. Eventually, a week later, VoidViper for his 10,000 subscriber special uploaded an animated war mapping tutorial.


At the end of 2017, after the struggle of HenryEditz's content due to the lack of views, HenryEditz decided to quit mapping on his channel and decided to make a new one, known as Infiland Mapping.


HenryEditz posted an Alternate Future of Europe Season 1 Movie on his channel, which was claimed to be an archive of his old videos, shortly after, the video slowly was becoming more and more popular and became the most viewed mapping video in April 2019.

Because of the success, HenryEditz made Season 2 for his fans.


HenryEditz claimed that he will quit mapping in September 2019. He says that he will not quit his YouTube channel, only his mapping career. He has dealt with the antimapper known as S2N the antimapper, and after some negotiations, S2N has let HenryEditz go because of his quitting in September 2019.

On September 8th, 2019, Henry released his last mapping video.

- (I am not quitting because of antimappers, but mostly because of the frustration to make more mapping content for 11 year olds) - HenryEditz (August 2019)

- (Anyway what i wanted to say is that i will quit mapping quite soon. Maybe in a month or two. Content for infiland mapping will not happen) - HenryEditz (July 2019)

- (I will tell you what, I will finish what I wanna finish, and I am fucking done, later I just want to fucking rest. After quitting, I will not leave mapping discord servers, only the specific ones, but I will stop making mapping content.) - HenryEditz (March 2019)