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Mapping Music is music played during any mapping video, and has experienced an evolution that mimics the genre.



Classic Mapping music mostly consists of soundtracks composed by Kevin Macleod, a composer most famous for his rather lighthearted tracks often found in the early to mid 2010s used in YouTube videos of similar nature. These tracks were popularized in mapping due to their relative simplicity, allowing these pieces to be molded to the content as desired.

The Classic Mapping era of music secondarily included Papone Music and Machinimasound. With the progression of the Edge, most soundtracks used by Classic Mappers are now widely considered to be overused and taboo for any more modern content to contain.


The development of the Edge created a rise in popularity for epic trailer music, rapidly popularizing the organization Two Steps From Hell, a music company based in Los Angeles and co-founded by composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. Two Steps From Hell is known for musical compositions produced mainly for movies and trailers, producing scores in many well known movies.

The epic style of 2SFH brought many edge mappers to the organization, as epic trailer music was considered a perfect fit for the Edge genre. The advent of trailer music also created the tendency for mapping videos to get claimed by YouTube's copyright system, however are generally ignored as they have almost no effect on the video.

The rise of 2SFH led to the relevance of other composers and music companies, notably Audiomachine and tracks created by Hans Zimmer. With only a few exceptions, the individual importance of creators gradually decreased as more options became available. The HOI4 OST also helped to supplement music for videos pertaining to WWI and WWII, mainly in alt history scenarios where cinematic music doesn't fit.

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