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Holland Mapping is a mapper from the Netherlands who was inspired by Edos, Japanese Mapping and West-Verginian Mapping. Holland Mapping created his channel on 24 may 2017 as Dutch Mapping and his name was changed to Holland Mapping shortly after. He uploaded his first video on 24 may 2017, on the day his channel was created. Holland Mapping is currently the second most subscribed active mapper and the biggest mapper of the Netherlands, Having 35.000 subscribers. His videos are mainly focused on history.

Channel history

Pre Channel Creation

Before his channel in early 2017, He didn't know about the mapping community at all. After he discovered mapping from the youtubers Edos and West Virginian Mapping. Holland Mapping uploaded his first video "AhoE (Part 1) at 24 may, 2017.

Early Days

In the Early days of Holland Mapping's channel, the channel was named Dutch Mapping. The first videos were the series AFoE and Alternate future of the World. These were mainly tryout videos and have been canceled. A 6 episodes long series of Alternative future of Europe was his first full series. The second season of this Alternative future of Europe series was canceled. Holland Mapping made his first discord server, which is closed now.


After the Alternative future of Europe series, Holland Mapping was not quite sure what to do with the channel anymore. He lost inspiration for videos, and also motivation. After uploading a Halloween special he went on a hiatus for about 5 months


Holland Mapping got his breakthrough with his Alternative history of Europe series, which was a serie about starting in 1914. 24 more episodes have been made of this series. He also broke through with the one part history videos he occasionally made. In December 2018 he created his third discord server, which still exists to this day and has more then 600 members.


Nowadays Holland Mapping is still working on his Alternative history of Europe series. Holland Mapping also uploads a lot of History Videos. His community discord server is Holland's Kingdom


Series tittle Number of Episodes Date Started Status
AFoE 1 May 24, 2017 Canceled
Alternative future of Europe 6 June 2, 2017 Ended
Alternative future of the World 3 May 25, 2017 Canceled
Alternative future of the World (V2) 1 July 11, 2017 Canceled
S2: Alternative future of Europe 2 September 10, 2017 Canceled
Viewers War 4 June 8. 2017 Ended
History Videos 14 August 27, 2017 Ongoing
Alternative history of Europe (Season 1 (1-10) 11 January 3, 2018 Ended
Alternative future of the World (V3) 1 April 28, 2018 Canceled
Alternative history of Europe (Season 2 (11-21) 12 September 3, 2018 Ended
Alternative history of WW2 1 January 27, 2019 Delayed
Alternative history of Europe (Season 3 (22-?) 3 March 21, 2020 Ongoing


-this was the first youtube channel he made

-Holland Mapping has been in the mapping community for more then 3 years.

-Holland Mapping is the biggest active mapper from the Germanic countries (Germany, Scandinavia, Uk, etc.)

-There were 3 discord servers of Holland Mapping, Only one of them remains active.

-His channel was made in just 2 weeks after he discovered mapping