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The value of mapping, as all things, depends on what you make of it. Nothing has value inherently, we as humans dictate that. Mapping is and isn't a waste of time. Depends how you see it.
~ Imperialis, January 18, 2019.

Alexandre , born August 11, 2004, also known by his YouTube channel Imperialis, is an American mapper in France. Alexander is known for practicing and creating many styles of Edge. He began in early 2017, and quit in mid-2019. However, he was most active during the first half of his mapping career. He is currently planning a comeback for 2020.

It is unknown where Alexandre was born, yet it is known that he lived in Denver for much of his life. He's lived in several places around the world, including but not limited to: Vietnam, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Cameroon, South Africa, Texas, Colorado, Washington D.C, France. He currently lives in Paris. Alexandre speaks English and French.

Alexandre began mapping with Alternate Future of America on January 8, 2017, which received mediocre reviews. Then, on March 8, Alexander began Alternate Future of The World, which was immediately praised and caused the channel to explode in popularity. He partnered up with Proxima and formed the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse. Afterwards, Imperialis created many series' that he mostly abandoned after a few episodes, yet all of these videos were critically acclaimed.

Imperialis pioneered Second Wave, Desaturated, and Revitalized Edge. He is arguably the most influential mapper of the Third Age and one of the founding fathers of the Edge, with some even giving him the title "King of the Edge". His PIM content was responsible for theorizing, thus indirectly inspiring many large mapping communities today, such as the Diarchy. His content is universally critically acclaimed and many consider him to be the greatest mapper of all time.

List of Mapping Content

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A frame from Imperialis' AFoA Episode 1.


A frame from Episode 12 of AFOW.

Alternate Future of America [v1.0]

Alternate Future of America was Imperialis' first mapping series, with the first episode uploaded on January 8, 2017. Despite its name, however, AFoA was only in North America. The plot focused on various secession movements across the United States and Canada, and the shift in power across the continent. Alternate Future of America was canceled after the second episode.

PIM Alternate Future of the World/ Alternate Future of the World 1.0

Imperialis' Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse Alternate Future of the World was revolutionary to the genre, being the first "Second Wave Edge" mapping series. The plot focused on the struggle across timelines between Appalachia against Coleseus and his allies.

Alternate History of Europe