This page refers to both the character and the state of Intisar inside the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse. For other uses, see Intisar (disambiguation).

I never strived for power, Dharmas. Only for revenge.
~ Intisar

is a powerful interdimensional traveler belonging to a group of rebels who fight against the Terran Union, and the protagonist of Proxima's Alternate Future of the World within the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse.

Intisar's origins are unknown, but prevailing theories suggest that Intisar was once a member of the Terran Union known as Maghreb. After Maghreb rebelled, it is possible that they became Intisar, and somehow managed to escape.


  • The word "Intisar", or "إنتصار", translates to "Victory" in Arabic.
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