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"It is needed for our reclamation of the throne. My reclamation. Do as was said, and your rewards and kingdoms shall be many."

Iulius Villain is the founder of the Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood, and the primary antagonist of MerryMerryJerry's Alternate Future of the World. Iulius is also known to be affiliated to the Luzist Party of Venezuela, and their leader, Miguel Luzia, as well as being associated with the American Corporate Coalition, another mysterious group with some control over the American government.



Iulius was born May 12, 1962, to Hannibal Villain and Bella Holmes. During his first six years, his father taught him of the dark ways, and of his exploits, and how to continue his legacy. He was quickly enamored, and sought to be like his father. When he was six, his father moved to Oakland, and began his infamous killing spree. However, it was Iulius who prevented his father's capture. Using dark arts learned from his father, on October 11, 1969, he first warped the mind of Paul Stine to drive one street further than he should have, and second, he warped the mind of the radio operator, causing him to warn of a black suspect, rather than a white one. As a consequence, Hannibal was given ample time to return to his house unmolested. However, due to the intense difficulty of such a task for a seven-year-old, he was physically maimed, giving him the two dark wrinkles on his forehead. Bella, fearful of both the police and the many mafia operatives who kept watch on her, moved her and her son back to Pasadena.

Teenage Years

Iulius attended high school under the fake name 'Jules Willem.' There, he was a good American Football player, but was severely bullied because of his wrinkles. He began a "Crimson Club" in his junior year. Though the Crimson Club pretended to be a group interested in red fashion, it was in fact a secretive cult that would carefully draw in its members. However, the nature of the Club was revealed by a P. I. who went investigating the group after being hired by a concerned mother whose boy had come home with a pentagram shaved in his hair. Soon after, in early 1979, he and his mother moved back in with Hannibal in San Francisco. There, Iulius attended school under a second fake name, 'Joe Willis.' He also learned to write with his right hand, disguising his handwriting so that it would be unrecognizable to his previous left-handed work. However, he was recognized as Jules Willem by a classmate who had once played in a football game against his Pasadena school. Iulius befriended him, and began convincing him of his ways. That kid was Miguel Luzia, and he quickly became Iulius' closest friend - even learning his true name. After Iulius' graduation in 1980, Hannibal, Luzia, and Iulius traveled across the country, in a trip that Hannibal had planned since the birth of his son. Luzia came along at the request of Iulius, and his father reluctantly agreed. On the trip, they learned the practices of murder, theft, deception, embezzlement, and the ability to frame someone else for a crime, things that Iulius would later use in the so-called 'MTED Program' that would be used to train new operatives for the Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood. Iulius and Luzia, traveling under various names, decided to stop in Chicago on Iulius' 19th birthday, while Hannibal continued to plague the streets of America.

Young Adulthood

Now naming themselves 'Terry Riker' (Iulius) and 'Sam Sandy' (Luzia), the two 19-year-olds started by living a standard American life, while secretly planning the Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood, and already they began meeting businessmen and bureaucrats. They decided to gain one founding member in each of the three major Mafia groups, and began stalking the streets, learning all that they could about the shifting Mafia alliances and bosses. What was 'the Mob' to everyday folk was an interconnected and fascinating web of mutual exploitation and crime to the two youngsters. By 1985, they had established their own connections and rings, and slowly faded out of visible life. An early form of the Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood began to take shape by 1991.


The Society of Crimson, Light, and Blood was finally established in secret on March 25, 1993, with five Founding Members: Iulius, Luzia, Hisashi Miyamoto, Vincenzo Mortellini, and Alexey Dobrovensk. During the course of the 90s, the plan shifted to having Luzia take over Venezuela in order to get money from the oil reserves that would go towards their more expensive projects. Because of this, Luzia traveled to Venezuela, and Iulius began to favor Mortellini as a right-hand man. With the relative peace of the 90s at an end with the September 11th Attacks, the instability necessary for the Society's plans would be available. Working alongside businessmen, Iulius helped orchestrate the housing bubble and bank fiasco, which contributed massively to the Great Recession. With America's hands full, Iulius and Mortellini used social media and the Darknet to facilitate revolt in the Arab World, an event widely known as the Arab Spring. Iulius, Mortellini, and Luzia began the mysterious next phase of their operation in late 2019. In 2020, Luzia finally took control of Venezuela. Their most public and brazen act yet, however, would be the complete shutdown of every power grid on Earth, save four: Texas, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Florence.


Iulius is quite tall at 6' 3" (191 cm). He has a large, muscular build, and is quite stronger than the average American. He has jet black eyes and dark brown hair, with a fair complexion. Being nearly sixty-one (at the time of Episode 6), he shows physical signs of late middle-age, most obviously two pronounced wrinkles on his forehead (though they had supernaturally appeared at the age of 7, as explained earlier). However, his hair maintains itself quite well.