You can join Japanese's Edo Bakufu here.

Japanese's Edo Bakufu is a channel-centered mapping Discord Guild centered around and owned by Japanese Mapping.

The moderators are Sundalanian, Wakean, Matt2768, and Orthodox Mapping. Colonial Mapper used to be on the team, yet was replaced by Orthodox.


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Before the Edo Bakufu, Japanese Mapping owned another server called Japanese's Discord Server. which was launched in early 2017. However, moderation was poor and the server went inactive, causing it to be shut down on July 20, 2019. Japanese's Edo Bakufu was launched on July 25, 2019 but was being worked on since January of the same year.


  • The name "Edo Bakufu" represents the Edo period of Japan, also known as the Tokugawa Shogunate. Edo is the name of the period/era, and a Bakufu is a military government, which Japan was during the Edo period.
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