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Khan, known by his mapper channel as Khan Productions and formerly Khan B. V, is a Dutch mapper. On May 28th, 2016, Khan created his YouTube channel, which was a group channel back then that created challenges and such things, and about a year later he joined the Mapping Community, with the first mapping video being uploaded on April 20th. 


Early Mapping History

In early 2017, Khan productions was in a crisis. Even though the subcount was increasing at a fast rate (due to sub4sub), the viewcount was stuck, as the new subs didn't watch the videos. In the early spring of 2017, Khan found out about mapping, after watching 'the history of Japan' by Bill Wurtz. First he saw some videos from EmperorTigerStar, and later Edos. After that, a lot of mapping videos followed, like ones from LV, Romanian, Japanese and Cheeze. These were also Khan's first inspirations. In early 2017 he decided to make a mapping video. It was called 'The Alternate Future Of the World #1 - Problems in the Middle East.' In the months after that, two more episodes of that series were created, as well as three episodes of 'The YouTube World,' a Youtuber wars series. In July and August 2017, Khan was inactive for a few weeks, due to him being on vacation. When he returned (with a broken leg), he cancelled all his series after advide from Matt/Welsh Mapping, and started something new. 

Age of Korekhan

In September 2017, Khan started a brand new series called 'Alternate History Of the World.' The first episode made Khan's subcount explode, resulting in him finally hitting 200 subs after months. The series followed France, Poland and Byzantium forming an imperialist alliance to take revenge on England, or smth like that. The episodes were named after Roman Gods. 

After episode 2 of AHOW, Khan got a better idea. He started a new series: 'Alternate Future of the World,' sometimes being referred to as 'AFOW - Korekhan.' This series was an edgy copy of Proxima and Imperialis' AFOWs, but still got pretty popular. It actually gave Khan such a big sub boost that he managed to hit 500 subs in early January 2018. The story of AFOW - Korekhan followed a nationium called Korekhan that appeared in North Korea after Kim Jong-Un lost a war. Korekhan managed to conquer South Korea, and later Japan with help of China. There was also another nation, called Villania, who was often seen as the villain. After 4 episodes being released throughout late 2017, Khan decided to quit AFOW and start something better for Mapper Tournament 6

Age of AFOE 

In January 2018, Khan productions participated in MT6. He started a new series during the semi-finals, called 'Alternate Future Of Europe (War On Terror).' It brought him to the 4th place of the tournament. The story of AFOE (War On Terror) followed Europe through the rise of terrorism and chaos. Unfortunately, only 1 pilot episode and 1 normal episode were made in early 2018. After that, Khan became pretty inactive on YouTube, while being more active on discord. 

Even though Khan barely uploaded any mapping between February 2018 and May 2018, his channel still grew massively. Especially the AFOW Korekhan episodes surged in popularity during this period, with most episodes gaining over 10K views, and AFOW #2 being the most watched video of the channel for over a year. In this period, Khan also got to 1K subs. To celebrate that, he did a Q&A.

After months, Khan uploaded AFOE #2 in late May 2018. It didn't really get popular. In early July, the 3rd episode was posted, which got more popular than the previous episode.

The age of short growth 

Already back in March 2018, Khan got an idea for an Alternate History Of Europe. He worked on the idea for months, until June 2018 when he finally started working on AHOE 1. The video got really popular and gave Khan a huge sub boost. That's why he made a 2nd episode in just 3 days, which got released in early July 2018. The subboosts of these 2 videos made Khan get to 1,4K subscribers.