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Kokos is a polish mapper which previously he was a gamer. He is interested in Among Us game.

History (The Book of Kokos)

You can find the story on his discord named Imperium Hercygońskie.

Act 1

It was a sunny day on September 26, 2015. Filip, known today as Kokos, woke up around 9:20 am. Kokos's parents were going to the store for a few hours, so Filip had the whole cabin to himself. A video of a Polish YouTuber turned on. Kokos thought that maybe he would start making videos as well. At 11:37 he created a channel called Superfilip747. Around 12:30 there was the first episode with the title: "Minecraft Sky Wars na #1 Wygrana". At 13:10 there was a second episode titled: "Minecraft Sky Wars on # 2 Alliance". This is how Kokos was born....

Act 2

After posting the first two movies on the channel, Kokos decides to rest for a while. The hiatus lasted until January 16, 2016, when a friend of Kokos' private life encouraged him to return to the vision. Together, they recorded a video from the website about creating a soccer club from kart ultimate team from Fifa. Kokos, then known as the Filipines, began to rise. At the end of June, he had 50 subscribers, and by mid-August he had 100 of them. He was recording the popular Sky Wars and other Minecraft stuff on his channel. In mid-July, he opened the PVP server, where the record was broken once - 11 people. The movies were weekly on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Nothing stood in the way of his fame ...

Act 3

After uploading the first two films to the Kokos channel, Kokos decides, known in August 2016 as xFilipineQ, did not slow down. During the summer holidays he finished the 40th episode of Sky Wars. After him, he announced the end of Season 1. It was supposed to be quite a big change for Kokos as it was going to start recording videos from other servers. The "Destroy the Monument" mode has been adopted on his channel. In November, he also posted animation compilations: Minecraft School. And a few days later, the trailer concept for the upcoming 5th installment of Transformers. As a result, it reached 100,000 views in December. In mid-December, he achieved his honorable goal - 200 subscriptions.

Act 4

After hitting 200 subscribers in December 2016, Kokos did not slow down. He invented newer films that pleased his viewers. He ended 2016 with a big smile, spending New Year's Eve with viewers on a livestream, where there were 10 people.


2017 did not start as it should. Kokos had to take a break for a certain period due to the relatively high emphasis on learning at the end of the first semester. After some time, he managed to get out of it and in mid-March 2017 he had 250 subscribers. At the end of April, together with 5 classmates he knew better, he came up with the idea of a project called Minecraft: Castaways, which became a hit on his channel. Thanks to this, he hit 300 subscribers on May 12, then he was known as FoxyTV. The 4th episode of "Castaway" was in production, but something happened. Something what...

Act 5

Something happened. Something that ground the canal until mid September 2017 ... There were two people contributing to this. Mr. 1 & 2 (creator won't reveal their names).

Act 6

Kokos did not believe himself. He is done with YouTube. With something that kept him alive! What was he to do now? How was he supposed to spend his free time after playing ?! The coconut went berserk.

"At least I'll have more time for Sky Block ..." thought Kokos.

At that time, Kokos, together with his old school friend - zolwsam, ran a powerful skyblock at One day, while they were playing, a giveaway appeared from the richest person on the server, who wanted to give their property to someone. The competition was that he would throw the wool and someone had to catch it. As probably everyone has guessed, Kokos caught her. He won all that player's fortune for a total price of up to $ 2,000,000 (server currency). The island continued to develop, but somewhere in the heart was this one activity ... - YouTube. After SlimeQ (Kokos's nickname in June - July 2017), he decided to come up with a new nickname. As he often made servers on Aternos, a friend from his class often presented him with a sign with the word "Kokoszka" in a prank. The current SlimeQ decided to establish "Kokoszka" as their current nickname. A week later, he shortened it by 3 letters, thanks to which he got "Kokos".

Act 7

Finally, in early August 2017, Kokos became Kokos. Kokos decided to look for EasyHC servers to play (as at that time he was fascinated by scripts and plugins for Minecraft). Found a certain server. He started playing it. After some time, the owner of the server asked Kokos if he would like a rank. He said yes. The owner said she had to record the server ad on YouTube then. Kokos said he wouldn't do it. And she replied "well, the rank will wait." Kokos was supposed to break Mr. 1's ban on YouTube? He couldn't, he was controlling his channel ... Wait! After all, I can go to his YouTube account and disable me from subscribing, so he won't get any notification! After some time, Kokos managed to hack into Mr. Z's account, remove the subscription and get out of it safe. He recorded an advertisement, got a rank and lived peacefully ...

Month Later - September 2017

Another school year has begun for Kokos - 6th grade. He slowly started to miss YouTube ... And some viewers who watched him before the reset day asked him in the comments if he was back ... Kokos wanted to return more and more. He went to Mr. 1 for a serious conversation. He asked him to write down arguments for and against why he should not lift the ban. The next day, Kokos returned with work, the ban was lifted.

Act 8

Kokos did not believe it. His ban has been lifted. Finally, after 5 months, he can return to YouTube. He immediately rushed to the computer and launched a stream, which is still available on YouTube today. A new era for the channel has begun. The coconut moved forward. After a week, he got back 300 subscriptions (due to the hiatus he was 289). And he flew on. Nothing was in his way!

Act 9

We have the beginning of September 2017. Kokos watched YouTuber - Ogryzek from time to time. He recorded Minecraft movies. Kokos decided to join the Facebook group to appear in movies. He met his former viewer in the administration - WojCrafter. They contacted on messenger and thanks to that Kokos could have Facebook contact with Ogryzek. Weeks passed and Ogryzek's relationship with Kokos was getting better. The coconut patterned on him, as you could see. One day they had an argument and that is how the acquaintance of Kokos and (80k sub) Ogryzek ended. In the meantime, thanks to being in the community Ogryzkowy Kokos got to know the survival server - ogryzkolandie. On this server he stuck, among others 500 subscribers. He spent New Year's Eve there and got 600 subs. However, nothing lasts forever. Kokos quarreled with the main administrator of the server - Smaki and was innocently removed from the server, administration and recording access from the server. Kokos decided to take a break to rest. Until ...

Act 10

While Kokos was still able to play on the ogryzkland, he met many people with whom he maintains contact to this day. It's January 2018 and Kokos decides to upload his first channel mapping. It does not work out, so after a month he releases the film for private release. Meanwhile, Kokos is depressed - he doesn't know what to do next with the canal. And then he suddenly finds out that the owner of Ogryzkolandia - Smaik, is seriously ill and may die. He didn't believe it at first, but the long absence made him believe it was. Meanwhile, Bonzii, the server administrator fixes the position of Kokos and Kokos can record from the server again. A day later it turned out that Smaik was lying. He made everything up for Ogryzek to record about his server. People turned away from him and the server was shut down.

Act 11

The thought that Kokos still had nothing to record from was devastating. At that time, Kokos had barely over 650 subscribers and had no way of finding the right server for himself. In March 2018 Kokos was running a stream from Hypixel, when suddenly NikodemeQ (a friend of Kokos from Ogryzkolandia) wrote whether Kokos would like to record on an ogryzkolandia made by fans. Coconut was surprised. He agreed and so began the era of the AppleBox Administrator - the so-called Ogryzkolandia 2.0. Thanks to it, Kokos led the stream of channel evaluation on which he scored from 680 to 740 subscriptions. Time was passing. Kokos was a Fortnite player since January, but he stopped playing because of a rather weak graphics card. In April 2018, he purchased a GTX 1050 and was finally able to play shaders in Minecraft! As he has been a player since 2014, he decided to play on its new version - easycraft. He liked it. He found out that MiniYT was for 500 subs. He was overjoyed. He did not know that thanks to this he would promote himself and that, in the near future, destruction would come ... He recorded 3 videos, which earned him a rank. DippsoN on the server's TeamSpeak asked him basic questions and then he was added to the messenger group. This is how the best period (at that time) for Kokos began. In less than 3 months, thanks to easycraft, it went from 750 subscribers to 1280! On the stream, where he stuck 1000 subscribers, Kokos did not believe. After so many years, in April 2018, Kokos had 1000 subscribers. Thanks to the easycraft, Kokos collected a lot of donations (his viewers did wars against each other). Meanwhile, Kokos was playing games in Fortnite Season 4. In July, easycraft began to collapse. Kokos no longer recorded from it as the server was not developing. Nobody improved it. Kokos was left alone again, but in June Kokos began recording a new Fortnite mode - Playground. Despite the lags, Kokos did it. He did not know that this would lead to complete destruction ...

Act 12

The collapse of Easycraft meant that Kokos again had nothing to record from. The hope was to record Fortnite. He streamed every day and uploaded movies every now and then. Some viewers have stopped watching Kokos. In mid-June, on the stream, the viewer of Kokos - Paggot, invited his friend - Seba to the lobby. Some of you may associate it with Discord. Seba is Coconut's right hand. It helps and supports him. Thus, their relationship began to improve. In the meantime, there was a rocket launch in Fortnite. The first live event in this game. Some viewers were slowly fed up with it. On August 9, 2018, a revolt broke out on the Facebook group to bring Minecraft back to the channel.

Act 13

The rebels went into battle. They attacked the Discord server (Kokos Discord 3.0), the Facebook group, Kokos's Messenger group and video comments. Spams "Wróć do Minecrafta", "Fortnite is about to collapse", "you do YT for cash". Everything that was said was a lie. The coconut just had nothing to record from. At the time, Kokos was in the cinema so he didn't know it. 2 hours after the outbreak of the uprising, Kokos turned on the phone and saw a nightmare. War. Most of the Administrations also revolted. The front was shifting to the enemy side. The rebels were calling more and more people to revolt. The New Order Army rallied to counterattack. It was an army consisting of administration and spectators faithful to Kokos. A bloody clash has begun.

Act 14

The war lasted 9 days. Over 50 people received a ban on the Facebook group. The worst period of activity on the channel started for Kokos. From a channel with an average view of 200 people, it turned into a 40 people channel. There were 5/6 people on the streams. Kokos gave up and founded a new channel, today known as "Kokoske", which is from Kokos shitposting. The current one turned into a deserted place. From 1,280 subscriptions, the channel fell to 1,240. The new school year began, and Kokos decided to take a break from YouTube. Every once in a while he would post a movie, but it wasn't what he used to ...

Act 15

After the war, the YouTube channel is collapsed. The second was barely there. Kokos had no idea what to do next. He didn't have time for new movies. YouTube's career has stopped. Kokos was losing hope that his channel would recover. But. He was still alive. About 2 subs a week came in. Kokos on the second channel hit 100 subscribers. Finally he achieved something, but still it was not enough ... Seba continued to support Kokos, he helped him invent films. If it weren't for Kokos having a crashed computer, it would still record Fortnite and have many more subs than it does now. More than once, Kokos received offers to sell the previous channel. He did not agree to it. Kokos wanted to die in peace. Continued inactivity on the channel continues until November 2018, when Kokos tries to rescue the channel with Fortnite videos. Nothing works for him. The crisis continued ... One day, Kokos is shown a movies by KPSowski from Mapping. Kokos climbs onto him and watches him. It turns out that the movie has more parts. He watches them all and asks himself: "How about becoming a MAPPER?" "Maybe this will save my channel somehow?" Kokos went to work to upload the first episode of the Alternatywna Przyszłość Europy on December 2, 2018. Kokos did not know then how much it would help him in the future.

Act 16

Kokos has decided to revive its main channel with mapping. After the publication of Alternatywna Przyszłość Europy, Kokos began further film production. He also made friends with PolishTortoise Mapping. After 10 days, Kokos already had 5 episodes on the channel. He was very pleased with himself. APE received a positive response, but the channel's activity was on the level of 10/15 leeks ... Kokos did not give up, flew on. One day, on the main screen, he saw a new movie called Dronek from APE (APE, which Kokos was watching). He saw that Dronek has Discord. Kokos joined this Discord. That's how they met.

Act 17

Kokos joined on Discord what was then called Dronizja DroneQiego. Kokos greeted everyone, including DroneQi. They chatted for a while, Kokos verified himself as a YouTuber and got a rank for people from 1000 subscribers. The chat egg started. Dronek suggested to Kokos that they play together. Unfortunately, it was 9pm and Kokos couldn't play then. Kokos thanked him and asked Dronek to go show him on the DM. Dronek agreed, and yes they started writing. They talked about the war that destroyed the Kokos YouTube channel, whether Dronek would evaluate the new mapping video ... That's how they met. Dronek & Kokos.

Act 18

The knowledge of DroneQi and Kokos grew wider. Kokos and PolishTortoise Mapping too. They were both going to have collab in the future. However, due to complications, incl. school, they both quit. At that time, mapping was just growing, i.e. it was small. Kokos was more and more famous and hit 1,300 subscribers in February 2019. In the meantime, Kokos started a new series - the New Future of Europe, which differed graphically much better than the Alternative Future of Europe. It's April 2019. Kokos wrote to PolishTortoise on April 2 with a proposal to create a mapping team.

Act 19

Kokos and Tortoise founded Kercylion on April 3, 2019. The first group consisted of 8 mappers, including Mehmo. The second line-up of Kercylion (10 days later) included Kokos, PolishTortoise, Mehmo and Tsarsky HD Mapping. Kokos was overjoyed. In the meantime, he managed to figure out how to get the developer code in Fortnite. But Kokos had a choice. To disappear from mapping and have a code or stay? On the one hand, Kokos had poor movie activity and gained few subscriptions. On the other hand, Kokos may have lost contacts with mapping friends, including DroneQi. Kokos chose the first choice. Was he good? Kokos still does not know it ...

Act 20

Kokos quit mapping when his channel, unfortunately, died at that point. Kokos after some time (about a week) got the developer code in Fortnite (btw if someone plays it is called Kokos). He recorded Fortnite. Unfortunately, the computer again did not allow better movies. Kokos gave up and took a break until mid-June. This month something unusual happened to him.

Act 21

A friend of Kokos - Bruszi played with Kokos on Suddenly Bruszi says "well, I'm going to be recording this week." Kokos replied "What, what Johnny?" Bruszi sent an invitation to Kokos on the Discord server "" and Kokos joined. Thank you to this server Kokos met AntYey, Kokos his left arm. Kokos, Seba and AntYey are the Big Three. Thanks to JasParty, Kokos achieved 1,470 subscriptions. Kokos's Discord server was also built, but it did not survive without funds. However, nothing lasts forever. Jasparty collapsed after the chat. Kokos was without a server again.

Act 22

Kokos received a Fortnite custom in August, so he could somehow handle the number of subs on the channel. He managed to get 1,500 subscribers in September. He didn't post any videos. The coconut was losing viewership again. In September, the longest-existing Kokos's discord server - Tryhardy Kokosa (September 2019 - February 2020) was also created. It could take longer, but ... We'll find out about it later. There was no movie until October. Until ...

Act 23

Kwadratowa Dolina - Kokos's server for his friends and some viewers in Minecraft. This helped Kokos somehow stabilize up to 1,530 subscriptions. 1st edition according to many players was the best. The second one was established in December. It did not give Kokos satisfaction in recording, but in playing. Kokos just kept streaming. Until mid-November, when he learned that the legendary server on which he spent his childhood returns.

Act 24

November 2019 - JasMC. The server that Kokos started recording on. The server where he became mega good in Sky Wars. This server where he met many people. Immediately after take-off, Kokos learned that he did not have the Mini YT rank. "It's a scandal." A few days after takeoff, an unpleasant thing happened. Kokos fell ill with scarlet fever - a virus that infects children. The later you have it, the worse it gets. Kokos had a throat problem for a while. On the same day, when he landed in the hospital, he hadn't eaten in 60 hours, drank little because he couldn't, he could barely speak. The fever was killing Kokos as well. When the swab was taken on Kokos, he almost destroyed the shelf (that's how Kokos' throat hurt so badly). From what Kokos heard from the doctor (he was muddy and still does not remember everything exactly), if he had not been hospitalized, he would have suffocated. Kokos managed to avoid death. In December, Kokos successfully recruited to MiniYT (the rank was added). He was the first MiniYTber on the new Johnny ... On December 17, 18 and 19, 2019, Kokos had mock exams at school. In the evening of December 17, Kokos complained to his mother of a sore throat. On December 18, he went to the mock exam with a fever and a sore throat. Kokos's mom was on vacation then, so she took care of Kokos.Kokos was almost 38.5 ° all the time. Kokos began to suspect that he had contracted scarlet fever again, which was impossible because after passing the virus, the body becomes immunized! Kokos landed again at the same hospital on December 20. He learned that the virus had not been properly removed earlier because too weak antibiotic had been administered. "Someone failed to see to it ?! What ?! And I suffer the most from it." Kokos kept telling himself. Due to his illness, Kokos left the hospital on December 23 and was banned from leaving home for two weeks. Something like a quarantine. Due to his disease, Kokos neglected the canal. This one was dying again ...

Act 25

It's April 2020. A beautiful and sunny day. Kokos wrote to Bartodziej HD Mapping with a response to his comments, and also to DroneQi. Kokos did a few hours with Bartodziej, after which they talked about how to make maps etc. Kokos spent several days carefully working on the APE map and new balls. He decided that APE from 2018, NPE from 2019 and APE from 2020 will be one big story book. After some time, DroneQi wrote back to Kokos. This is how they met each other again.

Act 26

Two weeks have passed since Kokos returned to mapping. Kokos became friends with DroneQi again. One day, Kokos was playing Valorant, thus thinking about the next episode of the Kronos Saga. Suddenly, Dronek asks if Kokos would like to play with him on Hypixel. Kokos agreed. They were playing when suddenly Dronek says "słuchaj Kokos, czy chciałbyś dzisiaj być na moim lajwie? Zabawiałbyś widzów." On that day, Kokos learned most of the mapping. Dronek has repaired the activity of the Kokos YouTube channel. From 1780 subscriptions that day, Kokos jumped to over 1910. Kokos owed Dronek.

Act 27

The friendship between Kokos and DroneQi flourished. They wrote and helped each other in many ways. It's May 2020. Kokos ends the Kronos Saga with a grand finale. By the way, he made a surprise on viewers as he announced that Saga would be back in Chapter Two. Kokos announced new series and films that will appear on his channel. And this was just the beginning of a new era ...