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Not to be confused with Korean Mapping TV.

I'm the nerd.
~ Korean Mapping, in his channel description.

Korean Mapping, sometimes known by his Discord name Korean, is a Korean mapper and YouTuber. He discovered mapping in July 2016, and uploaded his first video on October 12 of 2016. Starting off as a classical mapper and even toying around with countryballs, Korean eventually settled on a variation of the Edge, mainly inspired by Eradiate, Imperialis, and Proxima. Although his beginning was rather shaky, he eventually grew to be praised for his complex yet digestible plot and characters. As of February 2021, he is the largest mapper to identify under the style of Edge. He is the only edge mapper to go over 10000 subs.

In August 2019, Korean Mapping privatized all his videos, and then unprivatized them during October 2019.

 Grand Mapper

Korean was one of the 16 contestants in the first Grand Mapper competition.

He started in the Cygnus Union and provided great assistance in the starting challenges. However, on Day 9, the Unions swapped and Korean was placed in the worst Union of the competition, the Sol Union.  

His inactivity contributed to the constant losses of the Sol Union and he was eventually voted out fourth, at 12th place, due to his inactivity and potential threat in future challenges. As a result of this inactivity, he also ended up voting himself out, as all votes he made were cast against himself. 

Korean's mapping series


- Korean's new AFOE (complete)

- Pax Americana (complete)

- Pax Britannica Nova (complete)


- Time Drop

- ??? (Korean has said that he plans another series after Time Drop)