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Kyiv Mapping is a countryball mapper from Toronto, Ontario. He joined the community on June 27th, 2017 after a smaller mapper, States Mapping, introduced him into it. He released his first video on July 12th of the same year.

Kyiv is a large mapper, sitting at over 10.8k subscribers. He also has a Twitter account with over 400 followers. Since he started, he has contributed to 6 different mapping series, with over 30+ mapping videos in total.

Despite being compared to it numerous times, he dislikes the idea of Edge, saying that it is "too boring and repetitive".


After being convinced into Mapping by States, he was given the name Kiev Mapping (not to be confused with Kievan Rus Mapping). This would later be changed to Kyiv to differentiate the two. He then went on to produce his first Mapping series Alternate Future of Vatican City, which remains his most popular series to this day. He also started his first Alternate Future of Canada, which would span 3 Episodes before deciding to re-do it.

It wasn't until December until Kyiv began to gain large traction, reaching the 1 thousand subscriber mark by January, from there he continued to grow, and with it his skills also got better over time. After finishing Alternate Future of Vatican City after 7 parts, he started many other projects, including Viewer Wars, a rebooted Alternate Future of Canada, and Alternate Future of Oceania.

From 2019 to 2021, Kyiv would have a difficult time getting consistent viewership after his Alternate Future of Vatican City series. He would try several times to get back into consistently uploading, to no avail. This would lead to almost a year long hiatus from August 2020, to June of 2021. In this period, only one mapping video was uploaded (Alternate Future of Oceania Part 4).

In June of 2021, Kyiv began a routine of uploading a mapping video every Friday, with a "commentary" video sometimes on the following Tuesday. These would give updates on his current projects with a random secondary topic. This routine started with Alternate Future of Oceania Part 5 and is continuing to this day (As of October 9th 2021).

This strategy wouldn't bring him success until he started a new series, Alternate Future of YOUR World. This has caused his channel to skyrocket once again.


Kyiv has gotten along with other Mappers, despite being inactive on the majority of the Discord servers he is in. While being in many servers He is also good friends with Wonderwaffle, Holy Sealandic, GreenBall, HenryEditz, and several others.