La Comunidad del Mapping, formerly known as Proyecto Mapper, is a Discord server that currently serves as the centre of the Hispanic mapping community. The server was founded on March 25th, 2020 and its current owners are VictorBall Mapper, Platine and Metal Sonic Mapper.

The server was founded to unite what is left of the Hispanic mapping community, which has been in decline for a while. The server gained a lot of support during its first few days, and the server's name changed to La Comunidad del Mapping.

The server is currently well managed, administered, configured and moderated by active people in the community and the server has established itself as the most active and most reputable server in the Hispanic mapping community.

The server is primarily Spanish-language but accepts people from the English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking communities, both of which have ties to the Hispanic community.



When VictorBall Mapper returned to Discord and saq that the Hispanic mapping community was in decline, all attempts at centralization had failed and the last active server, Gran Nación Mapper is on the brink of collapse, he decided to talk about it with other mappers in the staff channel of Estación Hispana. Platine, Victor, Metal and others made the decision to create a server to represent the Hispanic community as a whole.


On March 25th, 2020, the server was created. It was private for 3 days and afterwards it was opened under the name Proyecto Mapper. It received great support and activity and within a few days the server had over 100 users. The first few days were very active, more active than the Diarchy of Mapping was during those days. Many mappers, both large and small, supported this server and its idea of centralization of Hispanic mapping.

It became very popular with its advertising program "Hispanic Mapping Recovery Program" this phrase made the server grow and grow.

200 Users and Boosting

By the time the server reached 200 members, almost the entire Hispanic community considered this server as the center of Hispanic mapping and it only continued to grow and be supported by the entire community. Two mappers, Esteban Mapper ,Rio Grande Mapping and Metal Sonic Mapper boosted the server was when the server was just 1 and a half months old. This was impressive as it was only the second Hispanic mapping Discord server to gain a Nitro Boost.

The Supremacy in the Hispanic community

Some time later new staff's arrived at the server and some were withdrawn, the activity returned to the top, to improve the situation, a global maintenance of the server was made, which was very well seen by the members.

As the Great Mapper Nation had been raided, the Mapping Community finally obtained the leadership of Hispanic mapper servers with more members and to improve this situation together with the staff they brought a role system according to your activity, this at the beginning was rejected but As the days passed they began to accept this new system.

Mapper League

Mapper League (ES: Liga Mapper) is a weekly contest held in the server that involves people submitting maps and flags.

☀This has a minimum duration of 5 months.

☀It is divided into 2 leagues, League 1 and League 2. The participants with the best maps go to League 1 and the rest go to League 2, there is a promotion and relegation system every 5 months.

Staff Team

Here is a list of the current staff members, in order of them being promoted. In this server, only mappers or former mappers can join the staff team.

Leaders (Owners)



Terna Group

MEE6 Leaderboards

This is a list of the top XX members on the server's MEE6 Leaderboard, which was added on January 3, 2019 (around 2 months after the server's creation). The MEE6 Leaderboards award 15-25 points per every message sent with a 1-minute cool-down period. Therefore, this is a fairly accurate way to rank activity on the server, despite the variation in ranks.

If the name of the user is in bold, then this user is a staff member of the server. If the username is in italics, the user is no longer a member of the server.

A fully updated version of the list can be found here.

  1. VictorBall Mapper (Owner) | 453.9k XP - Level 60
  2. Mati El Capo | 402.2k XP - Level 57
  3. SleepyTrash | 384k XP - Level 56
  4. Premiun | 360.3k XP - Level 55
  5. TheJohnx | 359.3k XP - Level 55
  6. Sultan Abüdhcinapal | 335.5k XP - Level 54
  7. Exotic Hiu (Moderator) | 324.3k XP - 53
  8. Metal Sonic Mapper | 322.9k XP - Level 53
  9. Imperio Venezuela Mapper | 311k XP - Level 52
  10. Viru (Administrator) | 257.6kXP - Level 49
  11. Yugoslavia Fc (Moderator) | 247.1k XP - Level 48
  12. Jyguter (Moderator) | 245.4k XP - Level 48
  13. Nightzko | 244.8k XP - Level 48
  14. Finlandian | 241k XP - Level 48
  15. MzkO | 220.1k XP - Level 46
  16. Cx | 195.4k XP - 44
  17. River | 183.3k XP - 44
  18. Diego Mapper | 151.3k XP - Level 40
  19. Carrey | 147.7k XP - Level 40
  20. Platine (Owner) | - 116k XP - Level 36
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