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Lakis, that's the name of the state roleplay.

It's a role-play country server in which you join up to political parties, gain strength and take a part in a fictional country's life and future! It's like being in real life politics. And actually, every step, action or event the country does, it will shape the future of the fictional country.

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The Discord was created in August 2018.

It was launched with 3 parties, the Social Democratic Party Lakis, Green Party Lakis and Well For Lakis Party. Now every party except the United Union Party is represented by at least 1 player.


Social Democratic Party Lakis

Green Party Lakis

The Liberal Party Lakis (Formerly known as Left for Lakis)

New Generation Lakis

National Party Lakis (formerly known as Well For Lakis)

Democratic Party Lakis

United Union Party


First Election

Election #1

First Election:

Social Democratic Party: 25%

Green Party Lakis: 19%
Democratic Party Lakis: 18%
New Generation Lakis: 12%
Well for Lakis: 10%
Liberal Lakis Party: 10%
United Union Party: 5%

Second Election

Election #2

Social Democratic Party: 27%

Green Party Lakis: 20%
Liberal Lakis Party: 14%
Democratic Party Lakis: 14%
New Generation Lakis: 10%
Well for Lakis: 8%
United Union Party: 7%

Third Election (1st December 2018)

Election #3

Social Democratic Party: 28%

Green Party Lakis: 21%

Liberal Lakis Party: 16%

New Generation Lakis: 13%

Democratic Party Lakis: 10%

Well for Lakis: 6% (last election with this name)

United Union Party: 6%

Exports & Imports


It's an old statistic. Imports have changed dramatically due to food shortages in Lakis.



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Lakis on Europe

On europe 2.png


Lakis was a big province in Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad) they declared independence by a war with Poland, Lithaunia and Russia. The relationships have not improved until then.


Current Events

Lakis currently has a few problems in his parliament. There is also no constitution. It is being done right now.

One problem is the rising right-wing extremism and nationalism that the party "Social Democratic Party Lakis, Green Party Lakis, Liberal Party Lakis" does not like at all.

Lakis also plans a referendum on EU entry, the result will be revealed on Sunday (9 November 2018) in the Discord.

Recently, there was a parliament referendum on NATO accession. This was accepted by a majority of the population.

Religion is a big problem. Religion is forbidden in Lakis, some parties want to allow it now, have already had a vote in parliament. The majority has spoken out against it, so no freedom of religion. Some parties did not like this at all and want to vote again. But the government does not like that.