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Liquid Lake (formerly known as NameFiller Mapping) is an American/British Mapper with over 5K subscribers. He discovered mapping sometime in 2017 and officially joined the community in May 2019, uploading his first video on June 17th. He is known mainly for his Eastern Victory and Divided series.


Before officially starting mapping, Liquid Lake was part of the r/polandball community on Reddit and Discord, primarily the r/polandballusers discord server.

Sometime while in the community, he discovered mapping and soon after wanted to start his own channel.

Although the channel was created on March 4th, 2019, he did not officially join the community for another 2 months and did not upload until June 11th, 2019.

Mapping History

June-November 2019

Liquid Lake would upload his first video, Episode 0 of Eastern Victory, on June 11th, 2019, only to re-upload it on June 17th.

Throughout the rest of 2019, he would continue to upload videos in the Eastern Victory series with slow but steady growth. He reached 100 Subscribers on September 2nd and would reach 200 on October 11th.

Liquid Lake would upload the last episode of the series on October 25th. However, when he uploaded the Eastern Victory Movie the next day, it would very quickly gain thousands of views and easily become his most popular video. From this, he would gain roughly 500 subscribers.

After receiving this relatively huge gain in subscribers, NameFiller would decide to rebrand his channel as Liquid Lake, finding he no longer likes the name.

December 2019-March 2020

Liquid Lake would officially reach 1K Subscribers on December 19th, 2019, following the upload of the first episode of Divided, his new series. Unlike previous spikes in subscribers, this can be mainly pinpointed to a shout-out on Varot's community tab.

After overcoming some technical issues which prevented him from uploading in February, he would continue to upload episodes of Divided while receiving a steady growth rate, reaching 2K Subscribers in early March.

It was also during this period where he would become part of a mapping collab with Poisonous Mapping, Varot, and Dutch Republic Mapping called Vestige.

March-July 2020

In late March, he announced he would be going on a short break from mapping due to having writer's block, but returned in late April. However, this experience would cause him to slowly lose interest in Divided.

Eventually, in Mid-June, he announced that he would be canceling it, and ending the series after Episode 10 rather than the originally planned 15 Episodes.

Over the next months, he would release Episodes 8 and 9. While making these, Liquid would gain back his interest in the series. In late July, he accounted that he would revive Divided, even giving it a second season.

August-October 2020

Through the entirety of August and September, and the second half of July, Liquid would not upload any videos. This is because Divided Episode 10 ended up taking much longer than originally thought. However, he would eventually release it on October 10th, after 3 months. He would also upload the Divided Movie the next day, on October 11th.

During this period, Liquid's channel growth would slow down quite significantly. There were a few instances of growth, mainly from shoutouts from other mappers such as Poisonous Mapping, Chinese Mapping, and ARm, but overall it was much slower compared to before.

Liquid did eventually manage to reach 3K subscribers on October 9th, the day before Divided Episode 10 was set to premiere. Not long after this, due to the Divided Movie, Liquid would see his channel grow at an extremely rapid rate, reaching 4K subscribers on October 27th, just 18 days after the previous milestone.

November 2020-January 2021

The sub growth from the Divided Movie would start to steadily slow down throughout the next 2 months, but still went at a steady pace. On December 16th, Liquid reached 5k Subs. Two teasers for Divided Season 2 were released during this period, but otherwise no videos.

On January 9th 2021, Liquid would finally premiere the first episode of Divided Season 2.

Future Plans

Liquid plans to continue releasing episodes of Divided throughout the rest of the year. After the series is complete, he will start working on Forgotten, another series that he created a teaser for in July.

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