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Map Framing Programs are programs that mappers use to create frames used in mapping videos. Most commonly used Map Framing Programs are raster editors

List of Map Framing Programs

These are the most commonly used programs, in order of how advanced the program is.

Microsoft Paint

Main Article: Microsoft Paint

MS Paint.PNG

Microsoft Paint, commonly abbreviated to MS Paint, is a simple raster graphics editor. It was designed to be a very simple graphics editor, and thus does not have that many functionalities related to mapping. It has only one layer, no gradients, and is generally hard to use.


Main Article: Paint.NET

Paint.NET in Light Theme

Paint.NET, is a freeware raster graphics editor program. In spite of being freeware there is a paid version found within the Windows Store. Paint.NET is one of the most commonly used raster graphics editor to create Frames and is generally considered one of the most simplest and easy to use unlike MS Paint.


Adobe Photoshop

Main Article: Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop in default Grey-Dark theme

Adobe Photoshop is a paid or subscription raster graphics editor developed by Adobe. Photoshop is commonly known as the most advanced graphics editor, and lives up to its expectation. It has the most usability out of any map framing program.

Adobe Flash Cs6/Adobe Animator CC

Adobe Flash Cs6/Adobe Animator CC are animating programs,not frequently used by mappers,but at the same time very experienced. Sadly both are paid yet there are older versions (most frequently older version used is macromedia flash 8). They are shown to bypass the way of painting and invent the frame system and much more. Yet they aren't really recommended for the beginners and these who aren't used to these programs. As they require a extreme amount of patience,waiting and skill.