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A male mapper framing.

A mapper is a person who regularly creates mapping content. It can also mean anyone who has ever created a mapping video. It usually refers to fictional mapping.


The vast majority of mappers are male. Popular female mappers are so rare that they can be named individually just for being female. For example, Lily Mapping and Raptor Mapping. This may be due to graphics & animation software on YouTube being heavily dominated by male audiences.[1]

A map from 2018 showing where mappers live. This was created by Hero Mapping.

While there are mappers in almost every country, aside a majority of Africa, there are an abnormally high amount of mappers in the United States, Europe, India and Southeast Asia.[‌citation needed‌]

Aside from a handful of exceptions, mappers are in their teens. In fact, graduation from high school generally marks the end of a mapper's career.


  • In Poland some call them "mapierd" but Cebulak Mapper killed his popularity.