The Mapperdonian Station is a Discord inter-server hub. It was created on October 28, 2018 by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, although the concept can be dated back earlier. Anchor Mapping and Galack were also at one point owners, but they both left the project. The Station is moderated by a team of Yardmasters.

Servers apply to the Mapperdonian Station by applying (read below on how to do so). Then, a special channel is made that only the owner of that server may type in, and they are free to advertise it as they please. The station also occasionally shows statistics throughout Mapperdonia and has a list of raiders.

The Mapperdonian Station became extremely popular and spawned the Server Hub style of servers, eventually inspiring servers such as United Mapping. However, most of these spinoffs paled in member count to the Station. The Station has also launched branches in Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Some criticize the Mapperdonian Station, claiming it gives raiders more links to other servers to raid.

2019 Nuke up to 2020

The Mapperdonian Station was nuked by Protonian on July 3, 2019, yet he eventually apologized. It was restored the next day.

The station recovered quite successfuly, but not without competition at first.

Taking advantage of the nuke , Mapper Station was created by Venant Mapping as an alternative to the original. Mapper station was also advetised by the raider t-series mapping in the form of threats to those who partnered with Mapperdonian station instead of Mapper station. Eventually, Venant himself deleted the server and said it was a joke.

The station regained its position by early 2020, but not for long, as the Fools Nuke would take place in April 2, 2020.

Fools nuke and aftermath

The Fools nuke took place on the 2nd of April, 2020 and affected two major servers: the Diarchy of Mapping and Mapperdonian Station.

The station was nuked by Venant with the help of Doom , who was a staff member at the time. The attack was planned on a voice call that took place in the Grand Mapper discord server, currently renamed to Mapperdonia.

This nuke was a major reason for George's departure , and BasqueBall was put in charge of Mapperdonain Station.

Recovery and current state

The server lost arround half of its member count during the nuke, going from arround 1100 users to aproximately 500.

BasqueBall gained ownership of the Station arround May of 2020. The staff decided to leave the nuke behind and focus their efforts on the recovery of the server. By June, the Station had surpassed 900 members. New features were added in the form of new chats for partners and the return of monthly stats, which had been abandoned after the 2019 nuke. The server also hosted Mapper Tournament 16 , with Eastern Mapping being awarded the victory.

The station later surpassed the Diarchy of Mapping in terms of member count, thus becoming the largest non-youtuber mapping server.

As of today, Mapperdonian Station has 1470 members, the highest member count in the server's history.


Here is the list of staff on the Mapperdonian Station.




List of Partners

Ultra Servers (1000 Members+)

Hyper Server (500 Members+)

Super Servers (250 Members+)

Large Servers (100 Members+)

Medium Servers (50 Members+)

Small Servers (15 Members+)

How to Apply

To apply to join the Mapperdonian Station, a server must have at least 15 members and its main genre must be mapping. The owner of that server must then have the Universal Mapper rank on the Mapperdonian Station, a rank achieved by being in every Hyper Server and at least one Super Server partnered with the Mapperdonian Station.

After this, the server will need to set up a Mapperdonian Station channel. It will need to be the first channel visible on your server, preferably on the Server Information section, if they have one. Nobody should have access to that channel except the server owner, as only one message will ever be sent there;

The [Server Name] is a partner of the Mapperdonian Station; the hub of all mapping communities! Here, every mapping community, no matter the platform, is represented with their own special channel they may use to advertise and post major updates. Use the station to be more in touch with the community, get inspiration for your own community, and help better unite mapping!

After the channel is made and an @everyone ping has been performed, an invite to the server should be sent to a staff member privately. Your server will quickly be reviewed to make sure it fulfills the requirements, and then the owner will be given the Server Owner rank and a special channel will be made that only they may type in.


  • George has stated that ceplio is the regent of the Mapperdonian Station.
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