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The Mapping Security Pact, commonly abbreviated as MSP, is a Discord Server and group that focuses on the security of the mapping community.

The Discord Server was created on the 28th December 2018 by several people as an agreement after several raids. The reason for the foundation were several raids of smaller people, like Axis Mapper, who had threatened with raids again and again. The group was small at first, but in the last months it developed more and evolved towards a more professional and less informal group. Currently there are 9 integrants in the team.

The Mapping Security Pact was the first server that actively attacked Raider towards the end of 2018, first completely privately they are now present in public to take action against Raiders. They are the largest Mapping Security Server as of now. In the last months, MSP shifted their focus from attacking raiders directly to a commitment to protecting mapping servers.

Mapping Security Pact Members

  • Il Mappatore Genovese#0844
  • Tobi#0215
  • Madeira Mapper#3814
  • JanuszKońwin#8965
  • Tauratrihon#7959
  • TheDarkBomber#0229
  • Plakeland Mapper#0708
  • BasqueBall#7165

Global Ban List

Click here to see the MSP global ban list.


Since MSP went public, certain members of the group argued for the establishment of a Global Ban List, which has been available since MSP's public appearance. The group updates it regularly to add new raiders, update their status and to remove people whose removal requests have been approved from the list. The list synchronizes itself with the MSP Bot.

During TSM / Shuriman Raids

Between the minor attacks of T-SERIES MAPPING and T-Day 1, MSP repeatedly retrieved information from the servers, like alts that were immediately put on the ban list. Since anti-mappers would usually generate a lot of alernate accounts through VPNs, it was impossible to track and ban all alts after a while. MSP also took part in informing server owners on how to protect their servers and other topics.

Mapping Security Pact - Discord Bot

Since June 22, 2019 and after several attacks by T-SERIES MAPPING. Had Ares, a founder of The Mapping Security Pact, decided to create a Discord Bot that encompasses the Global MSP Banlist and can ban these members all on command immediately. Through several considerations, Ares, who had the idea, and TheDarkBomber, both members of The Mapping Security Pact, decided to create a Discord Bot. (Programmer: TheDarkBomber). As of 5th November 2019, the bot is already in 70 servers with over 4189 unique users. One of the largest mapping servers "Diarchy of Mapping" uses the bot. . The bot also has other features like moderation, user search, user info, logs, join logs and a starboard feature which includes a leaderboard.

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