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Jerry, more commonly known by his mapping channel MerryMerryJerry is an American YouTuber and Mapper. He joined YouTube on October 15, 2016, and uploaded his first mapping video on June 13, 2017.

Jerry is often known for the excessive amount of time it takes to produce a video, and for his heavy scrutiny when he was a Mapper Tournament Judge. He is also a respected member of the Diarchy of Mapping.

List of Mapping Content

Alternate Future of Europe/The World

MerryMerryJerry uploaded his first video June 13, 2017. It was a run-of-the-mill Alternate Future of Europe, starring the nationium Saxiris. However, starting at the end of Episode 5, he expanded to include the whole world and quietly renamed Saxiris to Shakir-Ishi. The main focus of the series was now a world in which Shakir-Ishi and his sidekick villain, Daghburz, had near-total control of Europe after winning World War Three. Chaos in South America, a brief Second American Civil War, Shakir-Ishi's former ally, Russia, reforming into a true democracy, and a time-traveling fiasco from Daghburz were the events that transpired in the in-universe years 2061-2076 from Episode 6 to Episode 9. In September 2017, Jerry started a side project to re-create episodes 1-3 as two separate episodes. On October 15 of that year, he re-styled his series once again, and in the process becoming briefly one of the few Edgy Alternate Future of the World Mappers to not use the Victoria 2 world map. He made 2 episodes with this new format, with the most prominent events being the disappearance of Venus' atmosphere and the collapse of the People's Republic of East Asia. However, after Episode 11, he decided to discontinue this series.

Alternate Future of the World

The announcement of the new series, Alternate Future of the World, was made on December 25, 2017. The first episode was released on January 1, 2018. It was marked by the use of a black screen containing a date for the start of every new scene, and for a heavily informational textbox (unusual in Edgy Mapping). MerryMerryJerry also returned to the Victoria 2 map. It remains the most-viewed video on his channel. The new series did not feature a war until Episode Three, which was an attempted coup in Zimbabwe. The large events before Episode 4, were, instead, a heist of the Fabergé Eggs, and the killing of 18 Swiss parliament members. However, in Episode 4, the first colossal event occurred, in the form of the shutdown of the global power grid. The main villain, Iulius Villain, was largely fleshed out in Episode 5, which was released on July 1. Villain is, according to Jerry, best pronounced as it would be in French, but when rendered into English phonology, could be pronounced Vee-yah. in Episode Six, Vincenzo Mortellini, an ally of Villain, becomes president and then emperor of Italy, initiating the first geopolitical change in Europe.

Forgotten Realms/Common Language

In Episode 6, Jerry's version of 'Common', a language found in the Forgotten Realms and many other Dungeons & Dragons worlds (though Jerry's Common only applies to the forgotten realms) was featured. The forgotten realms shown in the episode is of 2022 in Dalereckoning, where technology has advanced significantly at a similar rate as Earth. Jerry heavily used allegory, as the world depicts a victory of the Waterdeep Covenant (analogous to the Axis) in Náin ste Torlist Kolaes 2 (analogous to World War II) with the remainder of the Congress of Barakmorndin (analogous to the Allies) holding out in many areas, resulting in a cold war lasting many years longer than our own. However, this world contains no ideological equivalent to Stalinism, and is much more economically conservative. Militarily, the Kingdom of Delzoun had strategic similarities to the Soviet Union, though it was a monarchy. It is shown that Mortellini is fluent in Common.



MerryMerryJerry was in the Aftermath Collaboration with Polluxia and Asmodeus. However, only one episode was released before the collaboration folded. He was also in an Alternate Future of Asia collaboration with Terminus. However, Terminus quit.

In the Name of the Tsar

In December 2017, MerryMerryJerry announced a new series, In the Name of the Tsar, based on the Hearts of Iron IV mod of the same name. However, because of mod changes and lack of priority, the series is on an indefinite hiatus.


MerryMerryJerry, starting with Episode 8 of his original series, began using relatively unused pieces of music in his videos. The first was when, in that episode, he used the National Anthem of Oceania in a scene where Daghburz accidentally created the universe from 1984. In Episode 9, he used Howard Shore's Foundations of Stone From The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. In Episode 10, the entire soundtrack was made of scores from that trilogy. With the new Alternate Future of the World, pieces by Music from Men of the West have made appearances. However, common or extremely common music has also made appearances in his videos since then.