An anarchist banner depicting lyrics of "Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons", and the most common depiction of the Monthball Movement.

The Monthball Movement is the self-dubbed name of a group of former raiders who operated in December 2018. They mainly spammed furry porn in large communities and in DMs with specific individuals. It consisted of JanuaryBall, seemingly the coordinator of the movement, JulyBall, seemingly the recruiter, OctoberBall and DecemberBall. YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge ironically attempted to join the group with an alt named DecemberBall, yet the ruse was quickly exposed. The Monthball Movement disliked large mapping servers, specifically the top 10 for an unknown reason. They targeted The Mapping Syndicate, Mappers Union, and Osmonia. They have also advertised the Diarchy of Mapping despite having no affiliation with the server, even after its administration publicly denounced the movement.

Potatoes lying on the ground; another depiction of the Monthabll Movement.

The Monthball Movement, or at least JanuaryBall and probably JulyBall, is likely made up of Ukrainians, with political admiration for Nestor Makhno. Their most common banner, depicting a skull with Ukrainian lyrics for the anarchist song "Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons", echoes this theory. Also, their second most used banner, the potatoes, is a symbol of anarcho-communism.

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