Munyvian is a mapper from Bristol, United Kingdom. He is most notable for being co-diarch of the Diarchy of Mapping. His channel is currently stagnant, although he remains a part of the mapping community. He has been the creator of series' Stella Erratica and Virtue and is a partial member of Team Diarchy.

Beginning as a mapper in mid-2016, his quality as an LV-influenced mapper was fairly low, while receiving a large increase in views and subscribers, with one of his first videos reaching 3000 views. Despite this growth, Munyvian's uploads stagnated as his small gain in influence left as quickly as it arrived.

Not before long another AFOE series was started, which was of a higher quality but very derivative of mappers such as Eradiate. This shameless series, starring a nationium known as Ferigium, by far didn't reach the same popularity as before. After making 9 episodes of the series, and seeing the lack of quality compared to other improving mappers, Munyvian scrapped it and began his strive for higher quality videos.

This increase in quality began with his new AFOE series, one which followed the cliché of the world beginning anew. This series was fit with edgy stereotypes of nations glitching and monologueing, showing the amateurish ideals of what a series should be. Despite this, the map showed a clear increase in quality from previous maps. This trend continued with his submissions for the contest Mapper of The Fortnight, with him creating two submissions, the latter of which winning due to being the only submission at the time.

Not long after Mapper of The Fortnight, Mapper Tournament 7 started up, which Munyvian decided to join with his second Mapper of The Fortnight submission. This submission was seen by him as his best work yet due to winning Mapper of The Fortnight, but the video was fit with a frankly uncomfortable section in the middle of the nation of Baden talking about ending its own life and disappearing from the map. This scene was bashed on by many of the judges of Mapper Tournament 7, with the most critique being delivered by Frkon. Frankly ashamed with his results, he decided to take his drive to improve from this experience to create his best work: Stella Erratica.

Stella Erratica was an AFOW set in the early 2010s, focusing on the unrest caused from finding structures on the surface of Mars. This series had a much more refined feel, and the dialogue was much more serious. This series led to Munyvian claiming the #2 spot in Mapper Tournament 7, and then winning Mapper Tournament 8, an achievement he is primarily known for.

After winning Mapper Tournament 8, his prominence as a mapper began to fall again. After premiering another new series, Vir7ue, to no avail, he stopped making videos. He began focusing on servers such as the Colenia Network and the Diarchy of Mapping, and in January 2020 he became a diarch.

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