Neim, occasionally incorrectly called Niem is a Romanian mapper. He joined YouTube on July 31, 2017, and uploaded his first video on August 15, 2017.


Neim is a somewhat influential mapper, who previously owned a server called T2K (The 2 Kingdoms) which at the time had a different name, because it was owned by more people.

He partnered with a server called ”UMPCF“ (United Mapping and Polandball Community Forces) owned by Procimus, which he gained co-ownership with. Due to boredom combined with severe autism making him angry, he nuked UMPCF, which never recovered.

He also held drama with a mapper called Atriun who is a Romanian gypsy and was a co owner of their server which caused some members to side with Atriun because they decided that Atriun had a bigger d*ck.

He also gained a position at BMC before he either no longer cares about the world and went inactive or nobody cares about him anymore. I believe this is where his tragic story shall end.

Additional Info

He has an alternate mapping channel that he conceals, that's called Vinty Mapping. He later on gave hints about it.

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