In the second episode of Eradiate's AFOE, New Powers, the episode begins with Romania attempting to convince Moldova to unite with him. Moldova eventually decides to accept Romania's offer. Graxum then threatens Cyprus, and invades them. Cyprus is incorporated into Graxum after the invasion. Czechoslovakia offers Romania a chance to gain Bessarabia from Ukraine. After Poland joins their alliance, Romania is convinced to attack Ukraine. During the war, Belarus joins on the side of Romania. Ukraine loses a lot of their western land. Egypt then invades Tripolitania and tries to take advantage of their weak state. Graxum assists Tripolitania, and wins the war. Egypt becomes a colony of Graxum, and after Tripolitania thanks Graxum for the help, Graxum says "You're Welcome", and then declares war on Tripolitania. The video cuts off after this slide.

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