Nidero Tilav was a first age Ga Xalian prophet and philosopher responsible for the creation of the ideology that would be known as the Tilav Reformation in The Sunset Mapping's History of Famana.


Tilav was born in the 42nd Famanan year in Kostral, Noju, to an impoverished family. When he was 19, Tilav and his family moved to Ximal, Ga Xal to improve their economic life.

When Tilav was 21, he began questioning the Ga Xalian Religion and could not grasp the concept of four deities being equal and power. Tilav meditated for weeks in isolation on the mountains, until coming to the conclusion that a hierarchy must be in place for the gods and that one of them is superior to the other three. He returned to Ximal and gathered a crowd as he announced that he had been sent by the gods to deliver his revelation.

The King of Ga Xal immediately declared Tilav a heretic to the religion and sent soldiers to silence him. Tilav managed to escape, and began a group of followers who were willing to, and in some instances did, die to protect him. Tilav retreated back to Noju and continued gathering support over the course of half a year.

Ga Xal declared war on Noju for hosting Tilav, and the Ga Xalian troops carried out a ruthless scorched-earth policy, destroying every Nojun city in their wake. Ga Xal offered to cease their attack if the Nojuns handed over Tilav. Noju immediately began searching for Tilav, yet one of Tilav's closest followers betrayed him upon hearing that Ga Xal was willing to cease their destruction of Noju, attacking Tilav and handing him over to Ga Xalian soldiers. Ga Xal immediately stopped their attack.

Nidero Tilav was publicly executed in the Ga Xalian capital Xon in the 64th Famanan year. The King of Ga Xal used this as an opportunity to threaten any other opposition of the religion. However, Tilav's teachings would prolong far after his death, and his followers would eventually start the Ga Xalian Civil War and splinter the Ga Xalian Religion.


  • There have been various plot points drawn between Tilav and Jesus Christ.
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