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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (PL:Organizacja Traktatu Północnoatlantyckiego), or NATO for short, is a global military alliance in DroneQi's Alternatywna Historia Europy (1939) primarily opposed against communist nations, particularly the Union of Balkan Socialist Republics and the Soviet Union. The alliance was formed by America and 8 other countries in 1956, and has continued to expand since. NATO fought together in the Cyprus World War and in World War III. In the latter war, they managed to conquer and dissolve one of their main rivals, the Soviet Union. Currently, NATO mainly opposes the Alliance of Two Powers.


1956-1990: Formation and Expansion

After the rise of Communist Europe and their victory in World War II, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established in 1956 by America, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Hungary. These countries were joined by Finland and Turkey in 1964. In 1977, the Union of Balkan Socialist Republics declared war on Turkey, prompting all of NATO to declare war on the UBSR. Although Turkey and France lost territory during the war, United Slovenia and Croatia, a UBSR puppet, was conquered during the war and freed of UBSR influence. UCS also became a NATO member. Italy became a NATO member in 1980.

1990+: Triumph and Aftermath

In 1990, growing tensions between America and the Soviet Union prompted the beginning of World War III. All of NATO, save for Turkey and Italy, joined the war on NATO's side. NATO were also assisted by China, Sweden and rebels in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova. Even with assistance from the Alliance of Two Powers, the Soviet Union was conquered and dissolved into various smaller countries. However, the UBSR annexed UCS, Hungary and most of Romania during the war. In 1996, Slovakia joined NATO. In 2004, Hungary rejoined NATO.



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Former Members

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