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We don't always get to choose how we die.
~ North Germany's final words

North Germany was a significant nation that appeared in Eradiate's Alternate Future of Europe. He was defeated by Graxum and the French Empire in 2099, during WWIV, after which he was partially annexed by the French Empire.


Following the occupation of former Austro-Germanian land, the Eurasian Union released numerous German states, one of which was called Brandenburg. Brandenburg immediately expressed a desire to unite the other states, either diplomatically or aggressively.


The first targets of Brandenburg were Posen and Pomerania, with Sweden and another German state, Silesia, receiving minor partitions of the land. Following this, Brandenburg continued to expand west, becoming a dominant German power, second only to the neutral South German Confederation.

Mecklenburg and Holstein

Two particular states to negotiate with North Germany were Mecklenburg and Holstein. Both were annexed at a certain date.

Mecklenburg's first encounter with North Germany, then Brandenburg, was an offer to join the latter state, which was declined. Later, the much more powerful North Germany requested Mecklenburg join, and when the request was refused Mecklenburg was invaded and annexed.

Holstein was willing to join North Germany but was barred by Denmark. Following this Holstein fought a conflict with Denmark and won with the support of the Germans. Holstein was subsequently annexed by North Germany.

Unification and encounter with France

After decades of expansion, Brandenburg issued a request towards all German states to unify. Most, such as Silesia and the Rhenish Republic accepted and those who disagreed were invaded. However, during the invasion, the French Empire was able to push into and occupy Darmstadt. North Germany demanded that the land be freed but was unsuccessful. As a result of the skirmish, North Germany joined the British and Italian Coalition, becoming an established enemy of both France and Graxum.

World War Four

At the beginning of World War Four, North Germany initially attempted to push into France's Bavarian satellite states (which France had obtained after invading the South German Confederation). With the assistance of Bavarian rebels in the area the attack was successful.

However, with the loss of both Italy and the Eurasian Union, North Germany found itself encircled and losing. French forces were able to rapidly push through both the low countries and Bavaria, while Graxum invaded from Slovakia into Silesia. Berlin was encircled in 2099 and North German lands were claimed by the French with a small amount of land forming an occupied German Union.