Oklahoman-Australian, also known as Ba and Free Australian Mapper is a former raider. He coordinated the Oklahoman-Australian Raids in the summer of 2018 using a number of alternate accounts.

His origin is likely that one of his parents was from Oklahoma, and one Australian, and that he currently lives in Australia.

He was likely a supporter of Karm, as he dedicated some of his raids to his raids.

List of Alternate Accounts

  • Ba-Oklahoman-Free Australian#3814 - ID:
  • Ba-Oklahoman-Free Australian#2983 - ID:
  • Free Australian Mapper#4514 - ID:
  • Ba-Oklahoman-Free Australian#2774 - ID:485153749216657428
  • Free Australian-Oklahoman-Ba#3764 - ID: 485315642031865874
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