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Alternate Future of the World, also known as Proxima's PIM Alternate Future of the World, is a cancelled Alternate Future of the World mapping series created by Proxima, which takes place in the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse. The first episode was released on February 12, 2017, and the tenth episode, the first season's finale, was released on April 28, 2017. The eleventh episode was released on April 29, 2017, and the thirteenth episode was released on June 5, 2017. After a four month hiatus, the fourteenth episode was released on October 12, 2017, while the fifteenth was released on October 29, 2017. Despite a sixteenth episode being the anticipated finale, no such episode was released and Proxima has stated that he has no intention to do so.

Proxima's PIM Alternate Future of the World generally tells the story of Dimension Z-999-999999 after extra-dimensional humans intervene, namely Intisar's Coalition, the Terran Union, and the Stellar Union, and also slowly reveals the backstory of the grand three-way conflict.

Proxima's PIM Alternate Future of the World was praised for being one of the greatest series of the Second Wave Edge, and was groundbreaking in terms of story telling and nationiums. However, several complaints were made about the two opposing directions of the plot among the series, as Proxima seemingly was setting up Intisar to be the Christian God, a fallen angel or other religious figures, concerned only with the fate of humanity in the first seven episodes, and completely retconned that premise in favor of multiverse theory later on in the series.


For the purpose of the plot, the following section takes place only during the main series' timeline in Dimension Z-999-999999. Any flashbacks will also be stated in the following sections during their respective showing in the series.

New Nations

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2017.

In Dimension Z-999-999999, in 2017, French Guiana asks France for independence. France reluctantly accepts, under the condition that French Guiana remains an ally. French Guiana, donning the name Cayenne, is released as an independent state in the Lyon Agreement.

Scotland, now officially known as the Scottish Republic, expresses its displeasure in the fact that the United Kingdom plans to leave the European Union. The United Kingdom releases Scotland as an independent republic, claiming that "they are better off without them".

Tanzania and Kenya, after a while of planning, invade Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Comoros in 2018 in an event known as the East African War. By 2019, the defending states have surrendered, and Tanzania and Kenya unite into the Arushan Federation in the Treaty of Arusha.

Anantnag Crisis

In 2019, India begins constructing a dam in Anantnag, Kashmir, and Pakistan immediately protests, claiming Kashmir is Pakistani territory. China orders India to cease their argument with Pakistan, and India does so, despite refusing to stop construction of the dam. Pakistan declares war on India, and China supports Pakistan, declaring war on India too, and starting the Anantnag Crisis.

In 2020, India requests aid from NATO, and while Germany attempts to support India, the United States immediately shoots the idea down as they are afraid of further stressing relations with China and Russia, despite Germany protesting that the European member states have not voted yet. France quietly attacks America for refusing to listen to Germany, yet Canada re-enforces the idea that the NATO members should stick together despite opposing ideas. America calls the Europeans "pesky", and as France begins to retaliate, Italy advises France to stay quiet and not escalate the situation. Spain reiterates that they have no choice but to listen to America, and France finally gives in, promising to turn a blind eye to the Anantnag Crisis, much to the dismay of India.

Intisar, having already secretly arrived in Dimension Z-999-999999, begins disrupting communication between India and their military. However, at this point in time, nobody is aware of their guilt, nor existence. Soon, China declares war on Nepal, too, who asks India for help. However, India states that they are far too busy in the war themselves to support Nepal. Nepal surrenders, and soon Bangladesh joins the Chinese and Pakistanis against India. While surrendering, India claims that someone had manipulated the communication between New Dheli and the Indian Army. China admits that this lack of communication aided the Chinese war effort, however they were unaware of the perpetrators.

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2021, directly after the ratification of the Lhasa Agreement.

In the Lhasa Agreement, Gujarat, Jammu, and Kashmir are ceded to Pakistan, ending the Kashmir Conflict. Uttarakhand is ceded to Nepal, Arunachal Pradesh is ceded to China, and Bangladesh annexes West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram, reforming into the Bengali Union. Kerala and Assam are also released as independent states. The treaty is signed and ratified in 2021, humiliating the Indian nation. India swears to discover whoever was responsible for the communication disruption, and Sri Lanka offers their aid to India to do so.

Rise of Intisar

In 2022, Intisar, disguised as the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, successfully stages a coup in Morocco, giving it full control of the region. After gaining knowledge of the coup, Algeria and Spain attempt to contact Morocco and Western Sahara; both of which fail. Intisar reveals itself and states its intentions of "uniting humanity".

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2023, directly after the ratification of the Treaty of Nouadhibou.

Intisar, due to its knowledge of other timelines, is aware of Mauritania's plans to install a totalitarian dictatorship into power, and orders them to cease planning the regime in 2023. Shocked and awed, Mauritania questions Intisar's knowledge. Intisar claims to be omniscient, and then invades Mauritania, claiming "every action against humanity will be punished". Mauritania quickly forces the capitulation of Mauritania, and it is insinuated that Intisar blocked the communications of Mauritania too, as they ask why nobody has responded to their calls for help. The Treaty of Nouadhibou then dictates that Mauritania is to be annexed by Intisar.

Investigation of Intisar

In 2024, Algeria is shocked after learning of the Intisarian-Mauritanian War. Spain states that Intisar is "somehow able to block almost every form of communication [they] know of". Tunisia questions how this is possible, and while they cannot give an answer, Sweden states its intentions to work with Spain to investigate the mysterious nation that is Intisar. Algeria and Tunisia also join the investigation, and India too participates, suspecting Intisar to be guilty of the disturbance in the communication infrastructure during the Anantnag Crisis. Sri Lanka asks India if they are certain of Intisar's guilt, and India claims they are unsure, despite the fact that they are a potential suspect. Sri Lanka joins the investigation as well.

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2025, directly after the formation of Algiers-Tunis.

Directly after the formation of the investigation team, Algeria offers a unification with Tunisia, claiming they both have a common threat in Intisar. Tunisia accepts, and the Tébessa Accord is signed and ratified, forming the Union of Algiers-Tunis.

Partition of South Sudan

In 2025, Sudan and Arusha make an agreement to jointly invade South Sudan and split the territory. South Sudan promptly looses the war and is split between Sudan and Arusha in the Treaty of Nyala.

Ukrainian War

Later that year, Russia and China initiate a plan to stage Ukrainian soldiers massacring Belarusian citizens in Belarusian territory. Russia defends Belarus, and Poland threatens Russia to back off or face a NATO intervention. Russia is unaffected by Poland's ultimatum, and they, along with Belarus declare war on Ukraine, despite the Ukrainians claiming to be innocent, starting the Ukrainian War.

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2025, directly after the ratification of the Treaty of Gomel.

Germany leads NATO to intervene, yet America tells NATO to stand down. Poland and Belgium protest, and Estonia claims that they could easily advance to Moscow with Russian forces so heavily concentrated on Ukraine. However, America says that they have no right to help Ukraine as they are not a member of NATO. Germany counters this by claiming that Russia has militaristic ambitions beyond Ukraine, and France asks America if they would like to have peace without justice. America claims that peace without justice is a far better outcome than justice without peace, and advises Europe to heed America's orders, as without American aid, Europe would be easily conquered by Russia. Romania calls America a jerk and plans to leave NATO, and Norway also plans to leave, calling NATO "an ineffective alliance lead by a narcissist." Canada offers to reach a compromise and simply impose embargoes on Russia and China, and this idea is praised by France, and approved by the United States. In the Toronto Agreement, Romania and Norway leave NATO while the alliance as a whole imposes economic embargoes on Russia and China. China laughs this action off as idiotic, claiming that an embargo against themselves would result in economic turmoil.

Russia and Belarus begin to invade Ukraine, despite Ukraine making small progress. Romania sees the war as an opportunity to gain Bessarabia, and they join the war supporting Russia, declaring war on Moldova on the way. In the Treaty of Gomel, some of Ukraine and Moldova are partitioned by Russia, Ukraine, and Romania, and Ukraine is split up into three new Russian satellite states; Novorossiya, Kyiv, and Subcarpathia.

Profectist Revolution of India

Dimension Z-999-999999 directly after the Profectist Revolution of India.

Intisar contacts India, claiming that "there will be terrible times in the last days". India questions this cryptic dialogue, and also enquires about why they cannot contact any other nation. Intisar quotes Psalm 46:10, claiming to be God and stating he will be "exalted among the heathen [and] in the earth." Profectist rebels then rise up in India against the government, responding to Intisar's call to action. It is unknown whether or not Intisar directly funded the rebels. The rebels, known as Dharmas, quickly occupy the coast of India, and soon force the country to collapse, taking over as the government of India.

Sri Lanka immediately detects that the government of India has capitulated, and Algiers-Tunis corroborates this. The investigation team is shocked at the power of Intisar.

Ramifications of the NATO Embargo on Russia and China

In 2026, Venezuela and Uruguay discuss the effects of the embargo on their own economy. While Uruguay is simply annoyed, Brazil, and Venezuela soon after, collapse. Spain too collapses after Brazil and Venezuela. Portugal confronts Canada about choosing to embargo Russia and China, yet Canada is at ease, as while their economies took a hit, they stabilized soon after.

Dimension Z-999-999999 directly after the ratification of the Treaty of Goiânia.

In South America and Spain, new nations rise from the ground up. In Brazil, the Order of Brasília scolds the neighboring Brazilians for refusing to stay intact, yet Tocantins and Rio de Janeiro ignore them, preferring independence. Brasília sends the new nations an ultimatum, yet they both believe it to be a bluff. Brasília thus declares war, and the First Brazilian War ends with Tocantins and Rio de Janeiro surrendering and being fully annexed, as per stated in the Treaty of Goiânia.

Later, in 2027, China sent an ultimatum to Mongolia and Taiwan. After initial hesitance from the Mongols, they accepted, and the Tianjin Agreement was signed and ratified.

South Asian War

In 2027, Intisar gave Dharmas permission to open communications, stating that they may as long as an individual named Aurum was still not present. However, they told Dharmas to complete Project 19 afterwards.

In 2028, Dharmas first attempt to communicate with Sri Lanka, yet they are less than friendly. Dharmas attempts to convince Sri Lanka to join them, yet Sri Lanka refuses, calling Dharmas crazy. Dharmas warns Sri Lanka of the future implications, and leaves.

Pakistan feels threatened by Dharmas, and the Bengali Union shares the feeling, despite adopting a non-interventionist approach. Pakistan decides to make the first step themselves, and declares war on Dharmas, beginning the South Asian War. Bengal is shocked, and attacks Pakistan. However, Pakistan defends their action, stating that they must take down the Indian threat, even if the cost may be death. Kerala also attacks Pakistan, yet Pakistan ignores this and begins invading India, not suffering a single loss in territory. Impressed, Kerala and eventually Bengal also declare war on Dharmas, determined to be victorious.

Dimension Z-999-999999 directly after the ratification of the Treaty of Allahabad.

At this point in time, Dharmas completes Project 19, and asks Intisar for new instructions in order to be victorious. Intisar tells them to complete Plan E-14-4, and Dharmas soon easily crushes its invaders. Intisar then tells Dharmas to annex the invaders, and while Dharmas protests, citing the fact that the international community would see the action as harsh, Intisar insists that they truly do not care. Dharmas accepts the judgement, and the Treaty of Allahabad is signed and ratified.

Argentinian Coup of 2029

In 2029, Argentina suffers a coup led by Aurum. Intisar welcomes Aurum to the dimension, claiming it to be more prosperous than the last.


  • During the second episode, when the Investigation of Intisar was in its planning phase, Spain stated that Intisar is able to block any type of communication known to man. However, Spain would not be able to know that Intisar was guilty of hindering the Indian war effort, and it would be an extremely large leap of logic to guess that Intisar had the ability to do so based solely off of the Intisarian-Mauritanian War. This is likely a plot hole.