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Poisonous Mapping (commonly referred to as Pjoison or Posn) is a Dutch mapper specializing in edge-based content. He is one of the fastest-growing mappers in the edge community, having surpassed mappers such as Imperialis in recent times.


Poisonous' most prominent mapping series is likely his "Allegiance" AHOE, which centers around the interactions and secret plans forged by the United Kingdom and Italy. However, he is also working on an AFOW which revolves around tensions between democratic and fascist groups with the involvement of inter-dimensional technology.

Poisonous also created an AFOE entitled "Riddles"; however this has been presumed to be discontinued.

 Grand Mapper

Poisonous was one of the 16 contestants in the first Grand Mapper competition.

At the start of the game, Poisonous was placed on the Crux Union and was targeted by Venant for being a threat in challenges during the first elimination. After the first swap, Poisonous remained in the Crux Union and came together with his team to target the opposing Sol Union in both eliminations they attended. 

However, nearing the end of the second swap, where Poisonous had moved to the Cygnus Union, he told his teammates to vote him out eighth as he had acknowledged his inactivity. He came 9th place, one vote away from making it to the Union Merge. 


Name Episodes Views Finished/Ongoing
Caecas Potestas 10 20,477 Finished, but S2 is a possibility
Kaiserreich 10 16,676 Finished, but S2 is a possibility
Allegiance 7 14,240 Finished, but S2 is a possibility


Main: Posncast

The Posncast is a podcast created by Poisonous Mapping. Currently there is 1 episode out, and it is released on Spotify, as well as on other podcasting platforms.