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I look back on my life now thinking of all the things I did and think about how naive I was to not realize that the answer was always this. Death. At least now I can feel fine knowing that everyone else had gotten it too.
~ Poland, XX73 (2097)

Poland was a puppet state of, and later revolutionary against Gauche, as well as the narrator and protagonist of Frkon's Gauche. It narrates the series, posthumously, from its perspective. Poland has been praised throughout Mapperdonia for having one of the richest and most developed character arcs of all time.

During the War of 2024, Poland sided with Gauche's opposition. It was quickly overrun by Germany. Poland, along with Italy, Magyar and Serbia, hid themselves underground, in order to dismantle Gauche from the inside later on. Poland's leader, however, was shot, and the government was effectively reset and made a puppet of Gauche. Several years later, Poland discovers The Art of Lightricity in a Polish home. This sets Poland on a path against Gauche, and eventually they learn the plan set forth by their predecessors.


1989-2024: Background

With the influence of the Soviet Union over eastern Europe declining towards the end of the 20th century, the Polish government made the decision to transfer from an authoritarian regime to a democracy. This resulted in the Third Polish Republic being founded on September 13th, 1989. Fifteen years later, on May 1st, 2004, Poland joined the European Union (EU). This initially went well, although cracks started to show in the 2010s when tensions between Eastern and Western members of the EU began to build up over things such as the European migrant crisis. Things only got worse when the Gauche regime took over the EU and stripped away its members' freedom, and Poland made the decision to leave the EU, at around the same time as Italy, Magyar and Serbia. However, Gauche was not happy about this and declared war on its opposition, which consisted of most Eastern European countries, including Russia and Turkey.

2024-2087: War of 2024 and Aftermath

In the War of 2024, Poland was quickly overrun by Germany, however a meeting had secretly been held prior to Poland's defeat between Poland's leader, Italy's leader, Magyar's leader and Serbia's leader. During this meeting, a plan was made between the leaders to dismantle Gauche's regime from the inside after their countries were taken over. This was possible using The Art of Lightricity, a book containing instructions on how to utilise and counter lightricity which had been stolen from France from the inside by Polish infiltration units. The four leaders planned to hide themselves underground to avoid being imprisoned or killed. However, Poland's leader made the last-minute decision to not go through with the plan due to him not feeling mentally strong enough (which he never told anyone). He instead decided to hide himself in a secret bunker north of Kielce and record tapes leaving instructions for a future Polish leader to continue the plan in his place. After the tapes were recorded, he shot himself to death. Sometime afterwards, the sons of Italy and Serbia's leaders gained control of their respective countries. Italy's leader's son lost control over their country after causing an insurgence in 2045, most likely in Spain. Magyar's leader's son gained control of his country sometime between 2077 and 2087.

2087-2091: Life under Gauche

By 2087, the only known people who know anything about life before Gauche are Magyar and Serbia's leaders. Poland's leader finds The Art of Lightricity inside a Polish house (seemingly left there by Poland's old leader), not knowing what it even is or how to read it due to books being banned inside Gauche and its puppets. They contact the leader of Belarus, another Gauche puppet with close ties to Poland, who contacts Gauche about it. Gauche orders Belarus to burn the book, but Poland refuses Belarus's pleads and keeps the book intact. In 2088, the people of Poland began rioting against their leader as they believed he was too incompetent to run the country. Poland's leader contacts Magyar's leader, who convinces them to popularise antisemitism within the country and later introduce death camps for their Jewish minority. During the invasion of Greece, Poland sends their best soldiers to fight for Greece but they mysteriously disappear after Greece falls. In 2091, a citizen of Russia appears outside Ukraine, another puppet with close ties to Poland. Poland convinces Ukraine to let the Russian in, and Ukraine is quickly seized by Gauche. Before being seized, Ukraine sends one of their generals to Poland and becomes the first of many countries to tell Poland not to die.

2091-2094: Defiance

After Ukraine got seized, Poland was criticised by Belarus, Romania and Slovakia, who encouraged Poland to stop looking for the secrets within Gauche and the wider world in order to prevent being seized. In addition to this, Magyar requested for Poland to hand the book over to them. However, Poland rejected all of them and continued searching for the truth. In 2093, Slovakia was annexed by Magyar, with their very last words to Poland being 'Don't die'. Afterwards, Finland, an allied country of Gauche, tells Poland to "hurry up". Finland was invaded and annexed by Gauche soon after. In 2094, ongoing tension between the leaders of Poland and Magyar came to their climax when the Hungarians inside Poland began to rebel. On top of that, both Magyar and Belarus began an invasion of Poland. After Poland's controlled territory was reduced down to around a quarter of its size, Magyar once again asked Poland for the book. However, Poland still refused. This showcase of bravery from Poland made Magyar's leader realise that they had enough ability to carry through the old plan from 2024, and Magyar made the decision to tell Poland and Belarus all about the War of 2024 and the plan. He then gave Poland the coordinates to their old leader's bunker before being seized by Gauche.

2095-2097: Final years under Gauche

In 2095, Gauche declares war on the 'barbarians' outside of its realm, beginning the Russo-Gaucher War. While this is happening, Ukraine's general breaks his silence and reveals that he is able to read The Art of Ligtricity. Belarus figures out what the co-ordinates mean and Poland's leader opens his predecessor's bunker to find his dead body and tapes. The tapes reveal, among other things, that Gauche was supported and welcomed by the people of Europe, Poland's previous leader didn't carry through the plan due to mental weakness. By 2096, the number of Gauche puppets had gone from 27 at the start of the war to just 5 (Poland, Belarus, Serbia, Romania and Crimea. Some puppets were merged, others were integrated into Gauche and the rest were taken over by barbarians. In 2096, Poland manages to contact Crimea after 7 years of complete silence from the country, who explains that they were in a bad political state. Poland tells Crimea about everything that happened during those 7 years, and how they plan to bring down Gauche. Belarus is then invaded by barbarians, with their last words to Poland being "don't die". Serbia and Romania are then invaded, with Romania telling Poland to use their newfound lightricity knowledge to break Ukraine out of their seize, establish contact with the barbarians and bring down Gauche. Poland breaks through their border with Ukraine, and sends in Andrzej Sawicki, Jan Mazur and Damian Trubisz to investigate what happened there. They find out that the entire country's population was starved to death and that the border with Magyar is impenetrable, even with full knowledge of lightricity. To make things even more hopeless, Crimea, the only other puppet left, starts challenging Poland and defending Gauche's actions. Poland's men barely manage to escape back to the country with books before Crimea reveals that it is not a puppet at all, but part of Gauche itself. Gauche, armed with full knowledge of Poland's plan and actions, seizes Poland. Within the seize, Poland's leader begins reading the books. He learns about World War II, the European Union, the origin of Gauche and the War of 2024, among other things. As the seize continues, riots erupt across Poland and many people starve to death. By day 47, Poland's leader accepts that he has failed to stop Gauche and welcomes the deaths of him and his people. However, Poland's eastern border is broken into by Russia and their allies, and the remaining Poles' lives are saved.

2097-2100: Defeating Gauche

Poland reunites with Serbia, Romania and Belarus, who were also saved by Russia and their close ally Arabia. Russia and Arabia had been trying to defeat Gauche for decades, but their limited knowledge of lightricity gave them a huge disadvantage. Now armed with The Art of Lightricity, the six allies began to turn the tide of the war. Gauche began losing southern and eastern territory and retaliated by encircling Serbia, massacring their civilians and killing their leader, the last descendant of the original anti-Gauche group from 2024. Before dying, he tells Poland's leader that his predecessor would be proud of him and encourages him to defeat Gauche once and for all. War stayed in deadlock for two years until 2099 until Poland and its four allies began an offence on Gauche's north-eastern territory. Arabia and Romania take over much of Gauche's southern territory, with the help of rebels in Spain. As Arabia advanced towards Paris, the capital of Gauche, Gauche was quietly encircling Poland and cutting them off from their allies. The allies are left with the decision of either conquering Paris or saving Poland, and Poland's leader decides to sacrifice his country for the freedom of Europe. Poland asks Russia to promise them to restore Europe to how it was before 2024 after the war, and Russia agrees to the promise. Poland's leader also decides to, like his predecessor, make a series of tapes telling the story of his life under Gauche's regime to prevent any regime like Gauche from ever rising again. He hides the tapes in the bunker, leaving them for Belarus to collect. The entire nation of Poland sacrifices itself while Gauche's regime finally falls. However, Russia breaks its promise to Poland and does not restore Europe to how it was before 2024, instead puppeting most of the continent. One of these puppets took on the name Poland and is the closest thing Poland has to a successor.

2100+: Legacy

Poland's tapes about life under Gauche were replicated millions of times and, according to England in Hague, became a "massive part of European culture". These tapes prevented Russia from having much control over their puppets, and in the 2160s a group of Russian puppets led by Hague fought for and won their independence from Russia. Within the new Polish nation, most people lived north of where Poland's territory was as cleaning up that territory was too expensive and not worth it.


Poland is a very stubborn and defiant character, making them the perfect counter to Gauche. While other countries blindly follow Gauche, Poland questions everything and manages to convince other countries to follow his cause, ultimately leading to the demise of Gauche. Poland wholeheartedly believes in the betterment of society, and is willing to do anything to rid the world of the totalitarian Gauche regime. This leads to their noble self-sacrifice in 2100.


  • Episode 1 - Hello, I'm Poland. I want to tell you a story, a story about how I died.
  • Episode 1 - Gauche was the power that ruled over us, some would say even protected us, but it was over this distinction where the story starts.
  • Episode 7 - You realise it too, right? What Gauche is saying isn't lining up correctly.
  • Episode 12 - No, I won't give you the book. I found this book myself and it will be the key to getting us all out of here. People have told me to burn it, to give it away, to get rid of it, but I will never do that. Not even to a coward, a murderer, and a manipulator like you.
  • Episode 12 - I'll never give in to you. I've made mistakes in the past, but this is where the mistakes stop. If you want the book, you need to rip it from my cold, dead hands.
  • Episode 14 - Poland's old leader had tapes left out where he talked about the past... Belarus, the people of the past prayed for a country like Gauche! They wanted a country like Gauche to come in! Why would anyone want that?
  • Episode 16 - I can't believe someone like you would trust someone else not to stab you in the back. By being loyal to Gauche, you are opening yourself up and letting them know you are perfectly willing to die. Well I'm not willing to die, Crimea, and I'm not being selfish by saying that.
  • Episode 16 - Sure, people come and go in time spans that are incredibly small, but that small amount of time you are given shouldn't be controlled by your friends, shouldn't be controlled by the government, and by all means, shouldn't be controlled by a dictatorship like Gauche.
  • Episode 17 - I look back on my life now thinking of all the things I did and think about how naive I was to not realize that the answer was always this. Death. At least now I can feel fine knowing that everyone else had gotten it too.
  • Episode 18 - I know, and I feel it too. This is what we've been waiting for. Humanity is calling, now let's try our best out there because freedom is just on the horizon now.
  • Episode 19 - But even so, Russia, I can't help but feel sorry for Gauche.
  • Episode 20 - Belarus, please understand me on this. For all of our time under Gauche, we resolved to risk our lives no matter what to put an end to Gauche. Magyar, Ukraine, Serbia, they all died for that very thing and now that we are here, we can't give that up.
  • Episode 20 - Belarus, I'm going to do what my old leader did. I'm going to make a video telling the story of Gauche. Our struggles, our oppression, they will finally be documented.
  • Episode 20 - As the dates turn over a new century, so too does humanity turn over a new leaf. Gauche's existence will be wiped clean from the earth, leaving a blank slate. I've given my future over to you, now use it to create a new, free world. I wish you all goodluck.


  • Poland is the only country in the Gaucheverse to have three different characters named after it, due to the existence of Poland's Old Leader and Poland (Hague).
  • Episodes 15 and 16 of Gauche are called 'The Friend' and 'The Failure' because Poland sees Belarus as a friend and itself as a failure (at least during the episode).
  • Initially, the entirety of Gauche was meant to take place within Poland and a majority of the characters were going to be Polish states, but this idea was scrapped.