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logo during Polish Mapping Cup 2020: Winter Edition

Polish Mapping Cup is a Polish mapping tournament. Previously, Mazovian was driving, but now Illyra.

Polish Mapping Cup 2019


PMC 2019

by DroneQi

The first Polish Mapping Cup held by Mazovian. This edition was won by Janisław.

Group A

Group B

Group C

  • Grochu - 14%
  • Janisław - 59%
  • Kakashi HD Mapping (Vilnius) - 16%
  • Polish Turtle Mapper - 12%

Group D

Group E

Group F

  • IKM - 14%
  • Polgier - 39%
  • Mazovian - 47%

Group G

  • Bagier - 9%
  • DroneQi - 80%
  • Filip Mapper - 10%


PMC 2019 Ladder.png

Polish Mapping Cup 2020

Also known as the Summer Edition, it is a tournament run for the first time by Illyra HD Mapping. Groups have been removed, and instead they start immediately. The draws were on May 22nd and on June 25th it began

Fight 1: PolishTortoise vs Filip Mapper

PolishTortoise Mapping and Filip Mapper fight was the first duel resolved in this edition.

Alternative Battle of USA Alternatywna Przyszłość Europy
PolishTortoise Mapping
Filip Mapper
74% 26%

Fight 2: Slav vs Nyski

Fight between Slav and Nyski Mapper

Alternatywna Historia Europy 1917 Alternatywna Przyszłość Ludzkości
Slav Mapper
Nyski Mapper
89% 11%

Fight 3: Slovacia vs Szost

The fight between Slovacia Mapping and Szost.

Alternatywna Przyszłość Europy Remastered Kaiserreich
Slovacia Mapping
57% 43%

Fight 4: Tyshian vs Vision

The fight took place between Tyshian, and Vision HD Mapping

Nowa Historia Europy: Polenreich Alternatywna Przyszłość Świata: Dziwny Sen
Vision HD Mapping
0% 100%