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Since my time on Discord I've grown to hate and love mapping at the same time, in the end I will stick to the community that has inspired me to love history and geography. The community is not always great, but I've learned to stay out of petty squabbling and enjoy the good moments.

The battle flag of the Confederacy Army of Northern Virginia, and Polyhedron's YouTube profile picture and former discord profile picture.

Polyhedron, formerly known as Polyhedron69, Spookyhedron for the season of Autumn, and Poly as a common shortening of his name is a redeemed Discord raider formerly in the Karm family. He is most known for his raiding activity in early summer 2018 and for his hatred of VoidViper Mapping Animation Productions. Though he became active in late 2017 in mapping discords, he has been a viewer of mapping since early 2014, and officially joined on May 12,2015 with his old wiki account.

He began raiding once he met up with Karm, at conducted a joke raid. He then decided to jokingly say he would attack Void Viper, yet when Void took this for real he decided to go all in for it.

Polyhedron eventually turned on his raiding peers and began to aid in their termination. He is active in various large Discord servers such as the Diarchy of Mapping and the Community of Mappers. In COM he has multiple times been a senator and representative, as of January 2020 he is a Judge. Currently he is running for a representative of COM as of February 2020.

Currently Poly has many friends, allies, and high or has had high ranking positions on several servers. Something he is truly grateful for all of this.

"Something I would've never dreamed of back in 2015".

Early Mapping Introduction {Proto Era} 2013-2015

Favorite Old Mappers

Due to the amount of time that has passed Polyhedron cannot remember how he first saw mapping. It is known however he constantly viewed it once he saw it on his old Windows XP computer. He favorite mappers were, Ethan Conquistador, HappyDance, 99Batran, Mindria, GoldenRebel, Velcube Mapping {Daniel Mappers first account}, Demond, Nano, Happelah, Zephyrus, Zukas, DisturbedFan, Moap, Majikal, MapAnimator, and Emperor Jarjar.

Since he didn't have an account due to the simplistic brain structural development {through this time frame he would've been 10-12 years old} he wasn't sure how to make one, so he simply memorized there names, this has helped Polyhedron remember other non mapping videos he used to watch on his early internet days, these videos give him great memories and allowed him to make a playlist of his early watched videos.

Mapping Archives {2019 of creation}

Polyhedron has many fond memories of classical mappers and there works, sadly some of these accounts mentioned above have been deleted or the videos unlisted. Polyhedron cant retrieve the deleted ones though he has worked tirelessly on finding a lot of classic unlisted videos, this made him create the MAPPING ARCHIVES playlist. The playlist features the unlisted work of Zephyrus, Zukas {now called Soide}, Noonlock, Happelah, and other rare or unlisted mapping works. The most prised work is a video from GoldenRebel's account that was thankfully saved.

{If you have any rare or unlisted mapping videos, feel free to send me some}

Early Activity {Early Account Era} 2015-2017

First account

Polyhedron was an active viewer of early mapping in early 2014. He eventually found TheFutureofEuropes Wiki and made his first account on May 12, 2015. However similar to te Proto-Era of Polyhedron, his brain wasn't to developed and upon searching through Polyhedron's contributions you can see strange sentence structure, spelling errors, and a lot of not understanding things. Polyhedron thinks it is very cringy but he says it is an important part of his history.

On this account Polyhedron interacted with Zephyrus, Disturbedfan, and Ion Mapping. Polyhedron also expressed interest in becoming a mapper by making a blank blog post titled "Future plans for mapping for me". He was originally going to fill it out later but that never came to be and was scrapped.

Ion Mapping Nation Requests

Polyhedrons most successful interaction was with Ion Mapping. Polyhedron requested several nations to be added to Ion's Future of Europe Series. The nations he requested were The Middle Eastern Union, Rusinstan, Austrio, Kin, and Caspia. Out of the five requested nations only 2 made it in, Kin and Caspia. Polyhedron was proud and excited that his original nations got added so he thanked Ion for adding them.

Kin and Caspia

Image from Ion's Future of Europe Series. Kin Is above Vius, and Caspia was originally south of Kin but was annexed by Vius.

As were on the subject lets talk about real quick facts on Kin and Caspia and how Ion implemented them.

Caspia is based on the Caspian Sea, and Polyhedron requested it be put in that area {which it was}, Caspia was later defeated in a war against Vius {Ion's evil nation}.

Kin is based off the word "family" though Polyhedron didn't know that during its creation {similar to how Ion didn't know about the Ionian Sea, yet he came up with Ionia}. Polyhedron requested Kin to be in Northern Russia, though Ion put Kin directly north of Caspia.

Early Discord {Cosmologist Era} 2017-2018

The Box is one of Verse and Dimensions creations. It is a hypothetical end barrier of all existence. It is one of Polyhedrons favorite pages.

A YouTuber named SpaceCheetahs uploaded a video showcasing hypothetical items and lengths past the Observable Universe, with a link to a wiki he was active on and Polyhedron eventually found there discord link and joined, later making his new wiki account on January 1, 2018.

They also had a sister wiki for shitposting and Polyhedron made his favorite creation on that wiki, the Parasiteverse, a hypothetical verse where every living thing has a parasite in them, even the parasites have parasites.

Origin of Name

On SpaceCheetahs video it showed a hypothetical Polyhedron (Pyramid) model of the Universe and Polyhedron commented and said he liked the sound of the word "Polyhedron". Eventually this became his name on YouTube, Wikia, and Discord. His early discord and present day Wiki profile picture is of a Polyhedron. Polyhedron added 69 to the end of his name in honour of the moon landing year and the year his dad was born, 1969.

Cresium Introduction

Polyhedron became quite active on the Verse and Dimensions Wiki and discord. This eventually made him join a new mappers discord Cresium Mapping, where he also became active on her discord and eventually became Admin and Co-Owner. While on her server he was linked mapping roleplay servers in the advertisement channel where he eventually met up with Karm who was also roleplaying. The two became friends and had fun conquering small nations in the roleplay. Karm eventually invite Polyhedron to raid his friends server and thus began Polyhedron's raiding career on discord.

Raiding History {Raider Era} 2018-2018

Introduction into the Karm Family

As stated before, Karm directed Polyhedron to raid his friends server as a joke. Polyhedron said he would raid it soon. Around this time Polyhedron began hearing of what Karm has done {raids}. Polyhedron was unclear to the extent of his raiding but he assumed Karm worked alone while conducting his operations.

Joke Coalition [First Coalition}

In early summer 2018, Polyhedron raided Cold Mapping's Server alone, for entertainment purposes. The raiding lasted 7 minutes until Cold Mapping kicked Polyhedron. This ignited Polyhedron's interest in raiding. This raid was originally named the Joke Coalition due to its nature.

Forgotten Coalition {Second Coalition}

Polyhedron later formed a force of around 15 raiders to create the Second Coalition, mainly targeting small and inactive mapping discord servers. The Second Coalition officially affiliated itself with Karm, giving the Karm family a relatively sizeable task force. Karm later directed the Second Coalition against some Anime servers {deemed degenerate in nature}. However this coalition was short lived due to Polyhedrons new interest in raiding VoidViper. So the Second Coalition was rebranded into focusing and preparing against VoidViper.

Raid of Vorigar VoidViper {Third Coalition}

Read the main article here. {work in progess, unspecified date of completion, given my best assumption it should be done in the summer of 2020}

The Second Coalition with a server rebrand became The Third Coalition. Polyhedron began to plot against VoidViper Mapping Animation Productions and his server, Vorigar VoidViper. This mainly started as a joke from the Second Coalition where Polyhedron said he would bring VoidViper down, claiming he had hackers on his side. This thought to be obvious joke had Polyhedron didn't expect any attention from it, especially attention from Void and his server. He had it only talked about on a few servers and he was surprised when Void made a document about him after a "traitor" alerted Void of Polyhedron's claims and statements. Polyhedron aware he had become realized from Void decided to go all in and began the preparation. He halted most raids of other servers and focused only on recruiting with the help of Karm. The Third Coalition grew to 30 members, mainly from other small mappers and raiders who disliked VoidViper, and it grew to such an extent that it could almost be seen as independent of the Karm family {Karms influence, as Karm wasn't paid attention too as much, as people flocked to Polyhedron}. Polyhedron also used alternative accounts to detect any spies, which worked as he would DM suspicious people questioning there loyalty to Polyhedron. However some people kept Void in check and made him more aware of Polyhedrons actions of the incoming raid. However, a couple of days before the planned raid, Polyhedron's account was terminated for his actions during The Second Coalition.

Unorganized Coalitions {Fourth and Fifth Coalitions}

The Third Coalition fell into chaos without a figurehead. Gabriel, a raider with a significant position in the Third Coalition, organized some members of the Third Coalition independent of the Karm family and created a Fourth Coalition, in order to "continue Polyhedron's legacy". The Fourth Coalition eventually attacked Vorigar VoidViper, yet all raiders were banned almost immediately and much damage wasn't done. {Polyhedron had no idea of the existence of this coalition until 2 months after he quit raiding.

Various supporters of Polyhedron and other opponents of VoidViper formed a Fifth Coalition, which mainly sought to spread Polyhedron's anti-VoidViper message and to wait until Polyhedron rejoined discord.

Estrangement from the Karm Family {Sixth Coalition}

Polyhedron returned and created the Sixth Coalition, mainly made up of opponents of VoidViper from the Third and Fifth Coalitions. The Sixth Coalition acted almost entirely independent of Karm and made Polyhedron a notable name in Mapperdonia for his raiding activity and his hyped up Third Coalition raid. The Sixth Coalition's two main purposes were to raid anime servers and prepare another raid of Vorigar VoidViper.

Osama bin Laden's Ghost, another prominent raider, joined the Sixth Coalition and quickly rose the ranks, leading to him and Polyhedron developing a friendship and working closely. This displeased Karm, who had a rivalry with Osama bin Laden's Ghost.

Another raider Sanni, joined the Sixth Coalition and showed Polyhedron another raiding community, the raider he showed was Uncle Billy, a more extreme and morbid raider. Uncle Billies server was way violent and disturbing with its raids {with horrific imagery being used on the server and during raids}, Polyhedron then tried a raid with Uncle Billy and found his raiding style horrific. So Polyhedron cut ties with him, and on August 2nd 2018 Uncle Billies account was disabled by discord never to be heard of again.

Sixth Coalition Destroyed

Soon after, Karm excommunicated Polyhedron and the Sixth Coalition from the Karm family due to their affiliation with Osama bin Laden's Ghost, and Karm began attacking the Sixth Coalition himself, through some small fights and harassment of Osama bin Laden's Ghost. Osama bin Laden's Ghost was mainly the target of Karm's rage and all others affiliated including Polyhedron were spared from his arguments. Eventually a small taskforce of around 9 raiders raided the Sixth Coalition's Discord server in order to defeat Karm, without being aware that Karm was already estranged from the Sixth Coalition and was acting against it. Polyhedron attempted to explain the situation, yet he was too late and the Sixth Coalition collapsed. The raiders soon realized there mistake after it was all said and done. Couple days after the raid one of the former 9 attackers of the server {against Karm} offered to take ownership of the server in order to fix it. Polyhedron agreed and gave him ownership, but soon found out it was a trick and all raiders on Polyhedrons side were banned on his server. Though the server was deleted 1 week afterwards by the new owner after his failed attempt to turn it into an anti raiding discord. Polyhedron handed over the ownership of any revival of the Sixth Coalition to Osama bin Laden's Ghost.

Change of Heart {Seventh Coalition}

After this, Polyhedron began to gain perspective on the damages of raiding and started to change his mindset. He realized most of his plans failed when it came to direct hateful raiding. So he created a Seventh Coalition, yet this time it targeted mapping servers he believed to be degenerate in nature. The Coalition had around 10 members of morally grey raiders with Osama bin Laden's Ghost in second-in-command. The Coalition conducted 3 large spam raids over a period of 2 days. However every Seventh Coalition member had their accounts terminated by Discord including Polyhedron's account.

Post Raiding {Redemption Era} 2018-2019

Upon creating his third account, Polyhedron and Osama Bin Laden's Ghost vowed never to raid again, and to assist Mapperdonia in identifying and protecting itself against raiders. Polyhedron gained prominent positions in several mapping servers due to his contributions to their security. He became an active member of the Diarchy of Mapping, and began attempting to run for Prime Minister, but failed.

Anti Raiding Discords {Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Coalitions}

In the next few months, Polyhedron formed three new coalitions in response to raiding:

  • Polyhedron created an Eighth Coalition with plans to make it a pretend raider server and identify raiders. It also had the creation of a server for monitoring when raiders joined the raiding server. However, this idea was never realized as the Eight Coalition only gained three members and was disbanded a mere 3 days later. This led to both servers being deleted.
  • The Ninth Coalition was co-founded by Osama Bin Laden's Ghost as a securer server. It had around 24 members at its peak and was active in late 2018. Despite the server still apparently existing, it has been inactive since early 2019 and is considered de facto disbanded.
  • Polyhedron planned a Tenth Coalition to track down Valor in revenge for the December 3 TMC Raids. However Valor "made the worst" apology ever, and Polyhedron just lost interest in doing it. The only members of the this Coalition were Polyhedron and his friend Bondi.

Polyhedron vs Reich and The Striker

Polyhedron expressed regret for raiding, however, much of Mapperdonia was not aware that he had quit raiding and his reputation was still tainted for early 2019 to many. The largest incident was when Reich banned Polyhedron in and The Third Mapping Community, which initially caused an argument, yet Reich later apologized and unbanned him. The two have since become friends. Other instances were when The Striker kicked Polyhedron from Mappers Union for a supposed conspiracy that wasn't true. Polyhedron realized a couple days later he was banned so rejoined and found out The Striker banned him, Polyhedron told ThatRandomMapper about The Striker's abuse of power. He was told to apologize to Polyhedron but refused and was demoted and eventually left, claiming Polyhedron edited DM conversations. {which turned out to be false, though The Striker still claims it today despite substantial evidence against the claim}. Polyhedron wa furious someone tried to wrongly accuse him got The Striker banned on 5 discords by reporting him to the owners. In retaliation The Striker pinged the admins of The Mapping Security Pact saying Polyhedron was a raider in the context he still was raiding at the time. Polyhedron then presented clear proof The Striker was lying and The Striker was banned on that server as well. Polyhedron calls this one of his greatest victories ever.

As of February 10th 2020, it is unknown if The Striker still hates Polyhedron as The Striker has blocked him for quite sometime.

New Approach against Void Viper {Eleventh Coalition}

Polyhedron as of November 2019, is still currently on good behavior and spreading his ways of thinking against Void Viper, called Anti-Voidviperism or Polyhedronism. He so far is converting many others into being against VoidViper and he also made others who dislike Void absolutely despise him. Some present day raiders praise Polyhedron's old stance against Void Viper and some have made plans to raid his server. Though Polyhedron doesn't agree with raiding anymore he tells them to do anything to bring VoidViper down. As of 2020 he's changed his mind of encouraging others to take his server down "as it is truly a non salvageable Hell Hole".

  • Polyhedron is currently on his Eleventh Coalition against VoidViper, this Coalition is different than the previous raider and anti raider coalitions. Polyhedron simply is spreading hate against Void Viper wherever he goes, he calls this preaching the truth. He targets things such as Voids server toxicity and arguments. He also criticizes Voids fanbase of theorized 10-13 year old's who say Voids worst series' are the best. This is his longest and more drawn out coalition.

The Great Enlightenment {Philosophical Era} 2019-Present

Sometime in December 2019, Polyhedron had a sudden change of thinking. He had a crazed reaction of nothing being done on Mappers Mapped and had a sudden mental change, He became more wise and became less active in part of dramas not directly involving him. This is also the time the Diarchy and other mapping servers had a lot of arguments everyday. Polyhedron began talking when an argument began telling both sides to be quiet and be reasonable to each other {works 40% of the time}. Other times when arguments began, Polyhedron would say the phrase "Eats Popcorn" as if it were a movie or show. {He now uses the Popcorn Emoji as a much easier substitute}. He also began to document these arguments and record them for research on Social Behavior on the Internet. He says he fully endorses arguments to happen as it helps his research, but if the argument is to obscene he will try and stop it while remaining a neutral party.

Polyhedron also began going on Furry and Dating Severs for further research into Social Behavior on the Internet. After this he plans on going to different fandoms, groups, etc. to fully see behavior in different environments.

In January 2020, with arguments happening everyday Polyhedron has grown more and more wiser than say 3 months ago. This is because he learns from every argument he views and becomes wiser. He calls himself Philosopher and Poet, claiming he is the wisest man in Mapperdonia.

With these new found knowledge of handling things Polyhedron tried to become a staff member but lost multiple times.

Mod and the Great Purge

SZ announcing Poly has become Mod.


Community of Mappers

While he has had no success on gaining a position on the Diarchy, he does however have a ton of success of getting positions on the Community of Mappers or COM for short. The community mainly comprises old mappers or viewers of mapping. Currently he has been a Senator on its early days, Representative, and a Judge. He agrees COM is a much better server for becoming a figurehead faster than the Diarchy and a much more organized system.

Image made by Pacc for Polyhedron's February 2020 campaign for a Representative position on COM.

History of Polys Positions:

  • Senator=
  • Representative=
  • Judge=

Polyhedron's Grand Research/Papers/ and Wisdom

Void Viper Complaints and Reviews

Polyhedron made the VoidViper tier list after a long time of debating when to do it. This should clearly show how Void's multiple series' are ranked. He gave his honest opinion and presented facts about Voids several works.

This will be updated in time as Void continues to make more works.

Grand Unified Theory and Research on Internet Social Behavior (GUTRISB)

He found furry servers are full of socially awkward people who don't react or respond "normally" to certain situations. On Dating servers he found on one server 70% of the people looking for a romantic partner were depressed in some way {they would mention it constantly}.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS {Major restructuring needed}

How to Deal with Raiders for Dummies

After events over the course of 2 years of analysing discord raiders, Polyhedron has come up with a couple of ways on how to deal with them effectively and wise choices you could make when reacting to them.

  1. If you own or are on a server with everyone, here, or roles that can be pinged by everyone. Fix this to where common people cant ping this. By eliminating the ability to ping roles this will eliminate the chance of a raid.
  2. Do not pay any attention to any threats, these are false and are only used to manipulate a target. Raiders cannot hack your account unless you give them your email {even if they have your email it still may be hard to access it} . IP grabbers are also a common threat, it is true they give your general location, but they will never give your actual address {IP grabbers also don't update your current position}. Raiders use these empty threats to trick people, this has shown to be more effective that actual raiding {that's just sad}, just remember to be smart and not fall for these simple tricks.
  3. If you own a server make sure to promote trustworthy mods, untrustworthy mods may go rogue and completely destroy your server if they have the ability to do so. Always make sure to promote trustworthy friends and strangers. This doesn't always work as anyone could do anything, but doing this eliminates a huge risk factor in server security.
  4. If a raid is in progress, make sure to ban the user not kick them, if they are kicked they can still rejoin with a link. If they are banned they cannot rejoin, even if they make an alt with there same IP address {different IP addresses will allow them too rejoin however, also if they have VPN they can still rejoin though most raiders don't go to all the trouble to do this}. If your being targeted by many people, remove the ability for common people to link your server or change your server link.
  5. If a ghost ping happens {someone who pings but then deletes it}. Simply get a logging bot so you can track deleted or edited messages. This should make it easy to pin point who exactly did the ghost ping.
  6. Never leak personal info/pictures of yourself. Raiders and trolls could use this to mock or scare you into doing something stupid. Remember be wise

How to Tune/Ignore Toxicity

In my ever growing time being on Discord, I've witnessed many dramas, fights, and feuds. I myself have been in many, yet as of February 20, 2020 I've been unfazed and more tactical when drama happens, this is because I've become wiser and smarter from each observation.

Simply put this is all just the internet, the internet loves to have its fights and feuds all the time. Remember though that none of this matters, especially if we fight on a community meant for making maps in a fun and entertaining way.

If we look back at major dramas we can see how ridiculous people reacted or overreacted. Like the Smart Banana drama, like why did everyone freak out over a simple video? The Diarchy also has had its fare share of drama, lets use Skylar for example. The civilwar on the Diarchy was due to Skylar who wanted power, seems ridiculous too think fighting to assume power on a discord server could result in so much chaos. However it did happen and so did Skylar's resignation.

Now why does this happen you may ask. This happens cause do to our ever growing usage of the internet, we feel the subconscious need to bring our emotions online. Assuming power, fighting, drama, etc. is all because some of us take it to seriously while forgetting its just the internet. We must remember all this fighting matters in the real world and not the internet. I've realized this for a while now and have tuned it out and make fun of discord and other internet drama. Whenever drama happens I try to make it seem like a joke, hoping both sides realize how ridiculous the feud is in the first place.

To make it short, take nothing serious on the internet and be wise in all your actions. Do not overreact to anything and be at peace. Remember anything that happens should not affect your actual life {unless the situation deals with something about your real life and that's a story for another day.}

History of Edits on TFOE wiki

Notice the terrible spelling and sentence structure. Polyhedron is very embarrassed at this :/

I put this here incase my old account gets deleted for whatever reason.

Fun Notes:

  • Golden Rebel was a greta mapper
  • Polyhedron predicted wars to come too Mapperdonia. {Such as the T Series War} However idiots of the time didn't believe him.
  • Polyhedron then and still doesn't get how Map Games work.
  • Polyhedron hated Russia back then, now he loves Russia in 2020.
  • Then and still Polyhedron complains the timeline is bad.
  • Chatted with DisturbedFan, one of the greatest classic mappers according to Polyhedron.


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