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The Gaucheverse is an expanded mapping universe created by Frkon, consisting of Gauche and Hague.

The Gaucheverse takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, in where after a war that ravaged Europe, a totalitarian superpower known as Gauche, took power, oppressing millions. Gauche showcases life under the superpower, and the rebellion that had been planned for years to overthrow it, while Hague takes place several years after the fall of Gauche, and mainly follows Hague attempting to regain their stolen memories while tracking down Gauche, who is rumored to somehow still be alive.



The content is up to date with the latest installments, so beware of unwanted spoilers if you have not caught up.

The Wiki has a total of 23 articles related to Gauche, and 6 related to Hague.






The Art of Lightricity is an antiquarian science book first published by the French Government, and later by the European Union as a whole in 2021 in Frkon's Gauche. The book details and explains the energy that is Lightricity, from explaining how to generate it to how it can apply in modern society.

The book, or more specifically the knowledge inside of it is a key plot point of the series and one of the most important events of the world. Lightricity was the clear successor to electricity, and thus having knowledge of what is inside the book is essential to running a powerful state.

While many copies were printed before the existence of Gauche, likely by France itself, copies are scarce after Gauche comes to be, likely due to it being in the government's interest in keeping its puppets weak and blind to information. However, a copy of the book was discovered by Poland in the home of one of its citizens. Read more...