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A previous icon of the Order of the Edge, and the commonly accepted PIM Logo.

The Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse, commonly abbreviated as PIM, is an expanded universe of mainly Proxima's Alternate Future of the World and Imperialis' Alternate Future of the World, along with several other videos. A full playlist of all the videos in the multiverse can be located here. The main timeline of uploads, usually referred to as the PIM era is February 12, 2017- June 15, 2017, despite there also being two uploads by Proxima on October 12 and October 29 in 2017 respectively.

Imperialis recently expressed his interest in remaking the series, stating that he could after he finishes the rest of his projects. He claimed that it would likely be a single season, the characters would be patched to be made equally important, unlike how Alcor was brushed to the side in Season 2 will being the primary character in Season 1, and that Intisar may potentially make an appearance if Proxima gives him permission.


On screen, the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse consisted of two main inter-dimensional wars, the one between Alcor and Coleseus against Appalachia, and the three way war between Intisar and his allies, the Terran Union, and the Stellar Union.

Dimensions and Time Segments

The Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse, as its name implies, is a multiverse which falls under Hugh Everett's Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which asserts that every possible reality is occurring at the same time, with each scenario playing out in a different dimension. To picture this, imagine both possibilities of Schrödinger's cat is happening right now. This interpretation was popularized by the television show Rick and Morty, and Imperialis and Proxima have confirmed to have used the show as their primary inspiration.

There are a calculated 25,873,974,026 dimensions. Each dimension has a calculated 1.071509e+301 time segments. This makes the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse have an estimated 277,241,960,346,252,392,991,158,357,771,642,980,995,013,693,435,781,552,475,781,850,885,686,562,381,325,214,537,954,577,695,675,471,250,859,383,649,560,166,214,489,467,614,626,168,450,449,717,567,433,543,156,248,681,089,810,743,133,035,528,010,610,385,530,273,022,445,834,892,526,257,214,004,731,486,097,471,770,551,012,297,192,761,753,199,978,641,863,028,712,334,069,046,172,942,135,402,204,523,153,026,443,865,360 possible realities. That's almost a google the amount of atoms in the universe, to give you perspective.

List of Mapped Dimensions and Time Segments

Dimension A-000-000000 in 1983.

A-000-000000 | Heaven

The base of operations for the Terran Union.


A reality in which the Axis powers defeated the Allies during the Second World War. Eventually this Dimension was annexed completely by Intisar.


Likely the dimension of origin for the ally of Intisar known as Metheos.


A battlefield Dimension between The Terran Union and Intisar. While initially was occupied by Intisar, eventually the Russian Empire and Germania captured it.

B-196-300504 | The Shortcut

A backdoor dimension into Dimension A-000-000000 for quicker travel, commonly dubbed as "The Shortcut".

Dimension I-002-010101 in 2843.


The First Season of Imperialis' Alternate Future of the World is located here. Voniax is created by America and Germany as an experiment, Voniax eventually begins taking over much of East Africa, and becomes Alcor. With his utopian ideology, eventually Alcor shapes the world in the image it pleases. 800 years later, Alcor is punished by other nations, mainly Appalachia, and is sent back in time to when America first created Voniax, punished to relive the same events.


A battlefield Dimension between The Terran Union and Intisar. While initially was occupied by the Terran Union, Intisar eventually captured it.


In a fan non-canon continuation, Jinhaeng mentions his past travels with Intisar.

Dimension Z-999-999999 in 2057.


The main timeline of events of Proxima's Alternate Future of the World takes place here.


During the PIM Era, Imperialis and Proxima rose from around 20 to well over a thousand, and the total view count of PIM is 243,195. The legacy of the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse is astronomical, as it pioneered the Second Edge Wave and dominated mapping for the first half of 2017. It brought about the rise of theorists and pushed nationiums to their limit.


  • The phrase Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse was coined by Nibiru, also known as YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge.
  • The PIM has been referenced or used in many mapping series, for example Contingency Mapping's AFOW, wherein a dimension that Intisar takes over is mentioned, most closely resembling Z-999-999999, albeit under a different tag. If taken to be canon, this implies that upon the vast universe there are multiple interpretations of the world, the PIM being one segment of this vast world. Some have gone as far to imply that all of mapping takes place in this universe, with easter eggs scattered across episodes.

This idea of a grand theory of mapping, however, has never been confirmed.