RKM (Romanian Kingdom Mapping)

Romanian Kingdom Mapping

RKM is a Romanian mapper with 910 subscribers. His main series is "Countries and Friends" and an Alternate History of Europe. 


He joined mapping in 2017, and he uploaded the first video, and then went on a break for around 4 months, He came back and re-launched his channel. 

Discord History

He has his own discord server, called RMU,  join it here: .

He used to be Co-Owner in DRM's server, and was active in other mapping servers. 

He took part in Season 3 and Season 11 of Grand Mapper.

The servers where he is most active are his own, Grand Mapper, and a few others that owned by his friends. 

The countryball at the start of the page, is RKM from Season 11 of Grand Mapper, under it is the Season 3 countryball of RKM. 
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