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The Guy Fawkes Mask, and the image most associated with S2N.

S2N the Anti-Mapper, more commonly referred to as S2N, is an anti-mapper and YouTube Striker. He is likely unironic. He first began striking channels in the late summer of 2019, and maintains a low profile in comparison to his predecessor T-Series Mapping, despite now being the most influential leader of the anti-mapping community after the former's decline in activity. However, he has been falsely exposed as GGG502 by the bats, this was proven to be a lie made up by HYPER BAT MAPPING

S2N joined the Shurimen in August of 2019[‌citation needed‌], after the Nuking of the Fifth United Anti-Mapping Front, in the time when TSM was losing valuable allies. S2N's apparent dedication to the cause allowed him to quickly rise the ranks of the Shurimen, and he de facto took charge of their operations after T-Series Mapping surrendered, perpetrating strikes on smaller mapper channels.

S2N owns two Discord servers; the Official S2N Anti-Mapping Alliance and the Official Anti GGG502 Alliance, which concentrates on anti-mapping and promoting the cause of T-Series Mapping, and coordinating attacks and generally demonizing GGG502 respectively.

To the general public of Mapperdonia, S2N is not treated with the same regard or fear as T-Series was, however to those who actively combat anti-mapping, S2N is a major threat in late 2019, and is likely the main antagonistic figure responsible for the majority of anti-mapping activity.

Activity in Mapperdonia

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S2N's first large-scale attack on Mapperdonia was the GGG502-S2N Drama, where he was able to successfully copyright strike GGG502 twice.

S2N'S 2nd war drama was his drama with Canadian Mapping, where Canadian made a video on him,after this S2N tried to strike him but failed the war ended up in a peace treaty.

S2N began drama with Gylala and with a fake proof of Gylala being a pedophile and a predator, he got almost the whole community on his side, after 2 days S2N'S first huge attack was successful and he took down a video of Gylala. Soon after this Gylala surrendered and peace was made.

Later on, S2N successfully copyright striked small mappers and got them terminated on the violation of hate speech. Many mappers started reports and raids until he got terminated more than 3 times.

During an operation called "Operation destroy Luke Mapper", S2N and his allies sent a copyright strike towards Luke Mapper, and 2 days later he surrendered.

During the collapse of anti mapping, in late 2019 S2N surrendered because he went on a hiatus., and he hasnt returned to anti-mappping activity ever since.

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