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The screenshot of the copypasta, as Breton sent it in MTX general chat.Many people started to spread this picture soon after.

The "Shining Light in a Sea of Shit" Copypasta, also known as the "Except Nightcore" Copypasta was Fedex's comment on the Total Score he gave to Breton Mapping's submission for Round 1 in Mapper Tournament X. Breton immadiately put a screenshot in mtx-chat and It became a copypasta right after when Nibiru and Frisia began spamming it across The Mapping Community.


Remastered AFoE - Episode 1 - Breton Mapping

Breton Mapping's submission that gave him Fedex's response.

I've been on the mapping community for almost a third of my entire life, and have seen dozens of first episodes of many series. And this video is truly a shining light in a sea of shit. It shines bleakly, because it shines in misery. Every possible flaw that a mapping video can have is in this video, EXCEPT nightcore. This video achieves everything bad that dozens of people have achieved beforehand. This video is the perfect example to show anyone and tell them " do not do this ". Good job, your video is the perfect example of all that's bad in mapping.