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What you call corruption, I call strategy. What you call election rigging, I call election securing. What you call power abuse, I call consolidation. And what you call an ethics council, I call useless.
~ SkylarWeston, June 14 2018.

Cassandria Skylar Pcola, born on 5 September 2001, most commonly known by her original pseudonym SkylarWeston, is an American theorist, as well as the founder and former owner of the Diarchy of Mapping. Skylar is not a mapper and her relevance is situated almost entirely on Discord.

Skylar gained relevance by being one of the first post theories of the Proxima-Imperialis Multiverse Her and fellow theorist YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge eventually founded the Diarchy of Mapping, the first theorist community. However, Skylar was ousted as owner during the 13 Minute Civil War and was later banned from the Diarchy altogether. She was eventually unbanned and was repromoted to Diarch on Asmodeus' Resignation, however she was impeached several days later.

Skylar's history in Mapperdonia is primarily in the Diarchy. Her authoritarian-esque rule of the Diarchy has made her one of the most controversial figures within the server.. However, in 2019, Skylar publicly apologized for her previous behavior, promising to reform. She has not been the most active on the Diarchy as of lately, due to multiple mass-reported Discord accounts.  

Online Activity

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Creation of the Diarchy

The original flag of the Diarchy. It was designed by Skylar.

On April 18, 2017, Proxima uploaded the tenth episode of her Alternate Future of the World. Skylar saw a theory created by YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge, and decided to post her own theory, arguing that the character of Intisar was one and the same with another character named Maghreb. The pair began to talk throughout the YouTube comments casually upon the realization of the existence of each other.

When the eleventh episode was uploaded, Skylar requested to more directly collaborate on theorizing the series with George, suggesting they make a Discord Server. George created the server and Skylar selected the name "Diarchy of Mapping and Theorists".

Relationship with GalacticFurai

Soon after the creation of the Diarchy, Skylar began playing on Colenia and met GalacticFurai. While initially, the two collaborated with George on in-game rebellion against BritishMunchie, their friendship grew into romance, and they eventually went into a public relationship.

13 Minute Civil War

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On November 21, 2017, George abdicated ownership of the Triarchy due to the drama with Earthling. He named MerryMerryJerry her successor and left the server.

Skylar announcing her intentions regarding the position of the Third Triarch.

Skylar immediately promoted Galactic to Owner, as well as enacting other reforms that mainly involved her getting revenge at enemies such as Juba. The majority of the server disapproved of Skylar's reforms, and some including Kharpat left the server entirely. Skylar attempted to control the situation and tried to stall more permanent change of the server, yet her attempt was in vain. George eventually rejoined, and Skylar was pressured into yielding ownership of the server to Asmodeus, who immediately gave it back to George.

Skylar's already crumbling reputation was destroyed after the Civil War, and she was immediately deposed of her position. She would not regain ownership until July 21, 2019, almost 2 years later.

Second Owner Elections

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On June 3rd, 2018, two users, Amiens Genève and Sigma, now ϟϟ-Oberleutnant Sιεgmα, were listening to music in a voice chat in the Triarchy, the former form of the Diarchy. Skylar and one of her friends, Ella, joined the VC and began to livestream on the same VC. After an argument in #general-chat, Skylar deleted the Voice Chat. Sigma and Amiens protested, with Sigma dropping the n-word and Amiens typing in all caps about how Skylar was running the server into the ground, and both were promptly banned.

They were eventually unbanned, rejoining the server.

When Skylar changed her name to E, admins and members alike started spam pinging her. An example being "@Ev@Eryon@E". she stopped half an hour later, as Skylar did not respond.

All went well, until evidence emerged of Skylar rigging elections. A group of members decided to investigate, forming an Ethics Council in order to keep admins and owners in check. In response, Skylar sent the following DM to all Ethics Council members:

What you call corruption, I call strategy. What you call election rigging, I call election securing. What you call power abuse, I call consolidation. And what you call an ethics council, I call useless.

Skylar eventually admitted to election fraud and was demoted. Following the incident, she kept leaving and rejoining, enraged about being demoted from her admin position. she created a "Diarchy-in-Exile" to rival George and Asmodeus' Diarchy, banning anyone who criticized her in the server. The server was raided several times. Skylar eventually decided to delete the server and rejoin the Diarchy, barred from any high position for six months.

Amiens was sent a message by Skylar asking for a "coalition" against jubaG, a prominent member of the Diarchy and a prominent mapper. Amiens refused and made a screenshot of her conversation, making it public in #general-chat.

Skylar eventually left, planning to never return.


After the success of Skylar's Hearts of Iron IV mod, [Hecking Gorgeous Overhaul Hecking Gorgeous Overhaul], abbreviated as HGO, George and other members of the Diarchy began to poke fun of Skylar in the HGO Server, yet more friendly than anything else. George decided that Skylar had been gone for long enough, and unbanned her from the Diarchy. Since then, she became a slightly inactive member of the diarchy, withdrawing her claim to be "the rightful Diarch" and coming to terms with the fact that she probably wouldn't become a staff member.

On 9 November, 2018, Skylar was officially ousted as a member of the Developer Council of HGO, and decided to return to the Diarchy, becoming a much more active member, but still not planning on becoming staff.

On 20 November 2018, Skylar applied to become a moderator of the Diarchy. She has expressed privately that she does not want to be diarch anymore, and also has expressed that she would like to become a member of the community again. Many prominent figures of the Diarchy agreed that she changed for the better, personality-wise. She did not win the November staff elections, but that would not be the end of her staff ambition.

Reclimbing the Ladder

After winning the Diarchy staff elections in January, Skylar was promoted to Moderator. In her first week in office, she passed numerous reforms, including the Staff Inactivity Clause, the Rush Promotion Clause, and the Counter Proposal to the Server Program Standard, turning the legal system of the diarchy into an American-style system. She is still currently is planning on working on the formalisation of political parties, as well as reinstating the Prime Minister role under the name of Chancellor. After numerous attempts at running for staff, Skylar decided to just put becoming Staff on hold. Until one day, she attempted to run for Prime Minister, but was disqualified, due to a bar on becoming staff implemented by a former moderator. Skylar was furious, but nothing could be done. Skylar became despondent and left the Diarchy, periodically joining back to see if the bar had been removed. It wouldn't be until November of 2020 that a public vote would be held, of which was looking bleak for Skylar. But then Skylar discreetly promised to Diarchy higher-ups that she would not run for Prime Minister for 3 months, which flipped the vote in her favour, as to show a gesture of good-will. However, she did publicly say she would run for Diarch, however she is vastly considered a "dark-horse candidate", of which will more than likely not win.

Personal Life

Skylar is a claimed heir to the Kyburg family, through absolute primogeniture, with her descending from Wilburgis von Bonstettin, neé "von Habsburg-Laufenburg", daughter of the last Count of Kyburg, Eberhard of Habsburg-Laufenburg.

She is currently engaged to Elise Raven Morningstar, and their anniversary is the 6th of December.


Skylar does mapping-based artwork in her free time. her best works are published on Reddit on her profile u/SkylarWeston.

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