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Not to be confused with TSeries Mapping, an account that uploaded MONGO MAPPING EXPOSED.

T-Series Mapping's countryball that he used as his profile picture for the latter half of July 2019.

"I desperately want attention and you're giving it to me. That's why I fucking win. That's why I keep going.”

T-Series Mapping, and commonly known as TSM or Shuriman, was an anti-mapper[1] and Discord raider. He is mostly known for his raiding and striking activities in the summer of 2019. His activity stopped since at least April 2020.

The true identity of T-Series Mapping is unknown as of May 2021. Several investigations have been conducted to attempt to identify him, although no theory is verifiable. The first hypothesis was formulated after T-Series himself[citation needed] spread images — later propagated by Protonian — which suggested that his real name was Mukul Kumar and was living in Mumbai. Intelligence later gathered from SkylarWeston disproved the alleged name of T-Series, while additional research disproved the Mumbai supposition, and instead showed that his messages could be timed to the Pacific Time Zone, and most likely the state of California, with further investigations leading to a possible name of Jon Tyrah. Other hypothesis were directed at other members of the community, such as Colonial Mapper and ceplio, yet these claims have mostly died down. To this day, his identity remains unclear.

T-Series Mapping attempted a 6-month plan to attack Mapperdonia on Discord and to strike and demotivate many mappers in what he called T-Day[2]. He began raiding during George Andreou's vacation to New York on June 9, 2019, yet he began to switch from mainly raiding to mainly striking in July, striking prominent mappers such as Korean Mapping, Protonic Mapping, and Bace Bulgarian Mapper.

T-Series Mapping was universally loathed by Mapperdonia, yet he garnered some support and copycats, mainly from other anti-mappers. Despite initially expressing disinterest, T-Series Mapping began to collaborate with Protonian mainly to bargain power against YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge. The pair mainly targetted him and his properties in July.

The majority of mappers did not view him as a major threat to Mapperdonia[3], yet he was visibly more resilient and far more determined than other anti-mappers across history, as he had created arguably hundreds of accounts to raid servers after they were all banned. He himself had admitted that most of his raiding was done for attention. He was one of the most prominent and controversial individuals in the community in 2019.

Activity in Mapperdonia

Alliance with Abdul

While specifics are unsure, T-Series Mapping was first detected by the Mapping Security Pact in Mujahedin, also known as Abdul's server. He provided Abdul with information on raiders given by the Mapperdonian Station, which allowed Abdul to be aware which of his secret alternative accounts were compromised at all times. T-Series and his alternative accounts were eventually banned from the Station.

T-Series began his own campaigns against mappers after Abdul quit Discord. He began to bomb dislike Idahoan Mapping on YouTube, and he began raiding the Diarchy of Mapping after YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge went on vacation. He later spammed several mappers individually such as BasqueBall and Ankhor.

George's Vacation

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June 9 Raids

YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge went on vacation to New York on June 9, 2019. T-Series immediately took notice, or as some believed had planned the raid for weeks, and raided various large servers across Discord using a multitude of accounts.

First, T-Series attacked Grand Mapper and all their partner servers, being quite successful, as Grand Mapper's security was lackluster. Afterward, he raided the Mapperdonian Supreme Court, and attempted to raid the Diarchy of Mapping, yet this attempt was automatically suppressed by the bots. He then wiped around 10 pages on The Mapping Wiki, yet they were restored almost immediately.

T-Series made an estimated 10-20 alternative accounts on June 9 alone, and potentially up to half have not been tracked due to their abundance. It was also on this day that T-Series gained widespread recognition throughout Mapperdonia, and various groups, headed mainly by George and BasqueBall, began to be formed to counter the threat. At this time, T-Series was believed to be an unironic anti-mapper and was taken as a regular raider by most parties.

T-Series Mapping's profile picture during June of 2019.

First United-Anti Mapping Front

Soon after the June 9 Raids, T-Series created his own anti-mapping server to plan his future raids, which would eventually become T-Day, called the United Anti-Mapping Front. Several iterations of the UAMF came and went during early summer, yet after they were consistently reported, T-Series gave up on creating servers.

On June 10, Venant assembled a makeshift coalition of around 35 mappers called the Crusaders[4], comprised of mappers who wanted revenge for the June 9 Raids. They attacked the United Anti-Mapping Front by spam pinging everyone almost 5,000 times[‌citation needed‌]. T-Series did not take any action against the raids and simply allowed it to happen while muting the server himself.

T-Day 1

T-Series Mapping would continue to attack The Mapping Wiki for a week, yet these attacks were suppressed with relative ease by various staff members, namely oxMicro and Colonial Mapper, that George appointed specifically to protect the wiki. He also raided other, smaller servers during this period, and placed alternative accounts in many servers to prepare for the first T-Day.

T-Day 1 occurred on June 19. While T-Series did not manage to attack any large communities, he did raid many smaller servers. T-Series brute force raided many smaller servers with poor security using traditional spam ping techniques and managed to fool some staff of smaller servers into giving him staff by means of his alternative account, helping him nuke several servers.

Despite T-Series claiming T-Day 1 was a massive success, T-Day 1 did not impact the majority of Mapperdonia at all. While it destroyed various small pockets, the majority of mappers weren't even aware T-Day 1 had commenced until they were informed by various mapping news pages[‌citation needed‌].

Korean Mapping Copyright Strikes

On June 21, T-Series Mapping succeeded in getting one of Korean Mapping's videos taken down on copyright claims. It is unknown whether his provocation was his failure to raid Korean's Server or whether Korean Mapping was simply a large mapper, and thus a target for T-Series. Korean appealed the copyright strike, yet this was declined. T-Series Mapping would later strike a reupload of the same video, bringing Korean's strike total up to two. Korean then decided to temporarily unlist the rest of his videos in order to avoid more copyright claims, and potentially termination.

This was a major victory on behalf of T-Series, and T-Series began to refocus his efforts purely on copyright striking large mappers. T-Series later copyright striked videos uploaded by Bace Bulgarian Mapper and Team Diarchy, and many other mappers unlisted their videos out of fear of being struck[‌citation needed‌].

As of October 12th, 2019, Korean has relisted his videos and his two strikes have since expired.

George's Return and Counter-Attack


George returned from his vacation on June 23 and plans to discover T-Series' identity and to report his accounts and servers. The United Anti-Mapping Front was on its third iteration after the second version was deleted on June 22. The third version was reported and deleted by Discord's Trust and Safety Team (T&S) on June 24. T-Series Mapping's main account was also reported to Discord's T&S, and it was deleted on June 24 as well.

T-Series Mapping blamed BasqueBall for reporting his accounts and vowed revenge. However, BasqueBall has specifically denied this claim despite being one of the main forces dedicated to containing T-Series. Since then, T-Series' accounts have been reported almost immediately after their discovery.


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In the wake of the Third United Anti-Mapping Front being deleted by Discord T&S, Venant pretended to publicly ally with T-Series Mapping, and the pair created a Fourth United Anti-Mapping Front in where they were both owners. Shortly after, Venant revealed that he had lied to gain information about T-Series, and he leaked info of both Bashkir's conspiracy against UMD and T-Series Mapping's supposed name and IP Address and then nuked the server[5]. It is commonly accepted that the name and IP Adress Venant either acquired or created is fake.

Second YouTube Channel and Further Strikes

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Protonic Mapping

After V-Day, T-Series Mapping decided to take a break from attacking Discord, and focus entirely on copyright striking more mappers on YouTube. T-Series Mapping initially targetted Protonic Mapping, whose server he had previously raided[‌citation needed‌]. T-Series Mapping was able to get three of Protonic's videos taken down until Protonic unlisted the remainder of the videos himself out of fear. Protonic later left Discord, and his YouTube channel was silent for several months. However, as of September 23rd, 2019, Protonic has relisted his videos and restored the ones that were terminated. He has stated that he will remain inactive, and it is highly likely that he is done with mapping.

Bace Bulgarian Mapper

Word of Protonic leaving Mapperdonia spread like wildfire, and morale amongst mappers dropped to an unprecedented rate. T-Series Mapping then targetted Bace Bulgarian Mapper after Bace Bulgarian antagonized T-Series' raiding and striking via his Twitter. Bace Bulgarian followed the examples of Korean and Protonic, and unlisted his videos after being struck to protect himself.

T-Series Mapping, likely as an intentional tactic in order to lull Bace Bulgarian to drop his guard, went silent on Discord for a week. After Mapperdonia had believed T-Series Mapping gave up, Bace Bulgarian and Korean both relisted their videos and proclaimed victory. T-Series immediately copyright striked all the videos Bace Bulgarian and Korean had relisted, increasing their strikes to two.


Official Surrender to T-Series Mapping

Bace Bulgarian Mapper's surrender video.

T-Series Mapping gave Bace Bulgarian an ultimatum, claiming he could get his channel terminated if Bace Bulgarian did not surrender and promote T-Series. Bace Bulgarian caved in and uploaded a surrender video on July 15. T-Series also endorsed Protonian's Ultimatum a few days late, despite it being universally rejected, and even mocked, by Mapperdonia.

Second Termination and Updated Copyright Rules

T-Series Mapping's second channel was eventually taken down by false copyright claims by an account named Sean Johnson. It is unknown whether Sean Johnson is an alias or not. T-Series created a new channel several weeks later.

On July 22, YouTube updated its terms of service, making it far more difficult for false copyright claims to be validated. Thus, T-Series Mapping could no longer use striking as a viable tactic against Mapperdonia. He managed to maintain some presence on Discord thanks to Protonian and the rest of his following, yet Protonian surrendered a week later.

After this, T-Series attempted to blackmail some mappers into nuking their own servers, yet this failed. Some young mappers left positions of power out of fear, yet every server he threatened maintained its security.


Thanos' Redemption

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Thanos was a prominent anti-mapper and supporter of T-Series with a high position in many of the United Anti-Mapping Fronts. He was commonly seen as third-in-command of the Shurimen, behind Protonian and T-Series Mapping himself. He had attempted to infiltrate the Diarchy of Mapping and Grand Mapper previously, yet failed.

In early August, Thanos began to show sympathy to large mappers who had been striked; especially Wonderwaffle Mapping. On August 4, Thanos' regret culminated, and he nuked the Fifth United Anti-Mapping Front and cut off all ties with T-Series Mapping. It was a huge blow to the morale of anti-mappers despite the server being restored within the hour. It is possible that Thanos had planned this the entire time, since people such as Hyper Bat Mapping and Yeast were close to T-Series, for their personal amusement.

Third YouTube Channel and "Downfall"

T-Series Mapping nuked Korean's server by means of an alternative account in early August. However, instead of demonizing him more, Korean thanked T-Series for bringing relevance to his inactive server and began to ironically deify him. Japanese Mapping mocked T-Series on his channel, leading to T-Series uploading a video mocking Japanese's heritage. The video received large negative attention, mainly from Japanese's fans, who personally attacked T-Series.

T-Series began to ally himself with S2N, and attempted an alliance with the Bats, yet this was immediately shot down by Ultraman Mapping. T-Series Mapping then began a campaign to get YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodGeorge's Discord Account terminated, yet this failed. T-Series then, likely ironically, claimed he would hire hitmen to steal George's phone on August 28, in order to gain access to his account to delete the Diarchy of Mapping and the Mapperdonian Station.

T-Series then threatened to use hate speech strikes in place of copyright strikes against mappers. This caused some unease, as hate speech strikes had been filed against mapping videos in the past, mainly by Axis Mapping. However, nothing came out of this threat.


T-Series Mapping publicly abandoned his plans a few days before T-Day 2 was scheduled, and left Grand Mapper, the only Discord server he had been allowed to stay in, despite being openly mocked by Ankhor and Venant. It is unknown whether T-Series is truly gone or not. Some mappers bounced back, and some didn't.

Ever since that day, he has been seen online in discord, but has become irrlevant, a meme, rather. It's known that he called the youtube headquarters, claiming to be part of Smart banana in hopes to access the copyright system, this obviously failed. He has also posed as a hacker many times, claiming that he was going to use a technique called phishing to obtain people's passwords, and he sent a picture of a computer screen, where one could see that he was downloading Python, which can't be used for phishing.


During late 2019 and early 2020, TSM rarely went online, and his right hand S2N took the role of the anti mappers' leader. The claims and threats S2N made in his videos though were only paid attention to by the younger or more naive users, and never actually fructuated. This irrelevancy and lack of the attention influx that anti mapping subsisted on finally made S2N slowly fade away from discord.

Post-2019 Raids

During 2020, there were several raids by users who claim to be T-SERIES MAPPING. However, it is unknown whether any of these raids were carried out by the original TSM. Furthermore, a user who claims to be TSM has also falsely claimed to carry out various raids and nukings, including the Fools Nuke[6].

In April of 2020, a user by the name of TSM Mapping attempted to raid The Mapping Wiki, however this plan was quickly foiled.

On 25 April 2020, TSM raided 3 servers and attempted to raid another server. The damage was only minor and only reached 20-25 pings.

TSM also hacked one of GGG502's Discord accounts, where he responded with "lol".[‌citation needed‌]

List of Accounts

The Mapping Security Pact compiled a list of TSM alts, main accounts, and collaborators list.

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