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Not to be confused with any other iteration of The Mapping Community.

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The First Mapping Community, at the time known simply as The Mapping Community or The Old Mapping Community during the times of its successor, also abbreviated as TMC, was an inter-platform (despite mainly operating on Google Plus) mapping community. It was owned for the majority of its lifetime by Super LV Mapping and co-owned by Imperial Saxon Mapping, until Super LV resigned, and Platine took charge during the Junta Era.

The First Mapping Community was created after a merger between the Community of Mappers and the Mappers Union on August 21st, 2016. The vast majority of its activity and community was situated on Google Plus. It was deleted on October 10, 2017, by Platine after the growing instability following the resignation of Super LV.

The First Mapping Community was so large in comparison to the rest of Mapperdonia during its prime that it was known as its capital, and was often synonymous with Mapperdonia itself. It was the largest mapping community of all time, reaching over 2,000 members at its height. It pioneered what we know today as a mapping community.



Before The Mapping Community, Mapperdonia was divided into many smaller factions on Google+. The two largest communities with over 250 members each were The Civilized Community for Mappers, led by Super LV Mapping, and Dylan's World, and Mappers Union, led by Imperial Saxon Mapping. During August 2016, they decided to negotiate a merger, and it was accepted on August 21st, 2016. Thus, The Mapping Community was formed on Google+, and Discord. TMC became the first popular Mapping community on discord, and would see the beginning of a large transfer from Skype chats, to Discord servers. Super LV would declare that there would be no democracy when it came to electing Moderators. This decision would leave many angry, and would remain a thorn on The Mapping Community until the end.

First Civil War/ TMC-Romanian War

In December 2016, the Romanian Mapping drama began. Due to The Mapping Community being the largest and main source of mapping, much of the community disliked Romanian. Several other members of TMC decided to secede and formed The Romanian Mapping Fan Club. The Club spammed The Mapping Community for the first three weeks of December until The Mapping Community's staff reported them to the Google+ administration for harassment. The Club was deleted and all users were banned.

The Bat Raids

In July of 2017, a mapper and notorious troll throughout the community named Ultraman Mapping created the Bat Mapping Community, a mapping community also focused on recruiting trolls and raiders to cause general havoc across Mapperdonia on Google+. When The Mapping Community was formed, it instantly became a target, and Ultraman and his community, which had been dubbed the Bat Raiders, trolled The Mapping Community relentlessly throughout its first couple months of life. In late September, Ultraman became bored, as his actions were not reaping any chaos, and he moved on. The Bat Raiders themselves continued, yet began slowing down, and the threat was declared over in late November.

Second Civil War/ Circle Tool Crisis

In early August of 2017, the Circle Tool Debate began. Despite originating as a small argument, it quickly grew to all of Mapperdonia. Some wanted to see all Circle Tool Countryballers banned, and anti-Circle Tool prejudice (yeah we're at that level) began sweeping TMC. Thus, many Circle Tool Countryballers seceded from The Mapping Community and formed the Pro Circle Tool Coalition, abbreviated as PCTC. They raided The Mapping Community and instigated drama with justification as their treatment. Eventually, Scottish Mapping III managed to broker an agreement between the two sides, allowing all Circle Tool Countryballers into The Mapping Community under the condition that they didn't cause trouble. Both sides accepted, and the PCTC was dissolved. However, some small factions of anti-Circle Toolers were still not content, and continued arguing, yet on too small of a scale to notice.

Change TMC Uprising

The first half of 2017 was The Mapping Community's golden age. Drama was not prevalent, collaboration was encouraged, and everyone seemed content. However, as summer drew its close, corruption and instability began. A vote to decide who would be promoted to moderator out of Scottish Mapping III, Imperialis, and Obscurium was deleted when Imperialis started winning. This prompted Cube Mapping, to make a public statement.

" Remember when this community was good? Well, I do. I joined in july 2016 and then this community had 100 or 200 members. Everyone could share what they wanted and there was no drama and bullying. Fast forward a year and a month, and this happened. Now, we have shitty oppressive rules that benefit the mods more that the members. The members now have to almost worship some of the mods in order to not get banned. They don't care what the members think but what they think. Banning stuff like memes, unrelated polls and countryball stickers over bullying and harassment is preposterous. There is a rule to respect the mods. Well here is what some of the mods do. They delete posts they don't like even though they don't break any rules. They blame google for deleting the post to cover their asses. They swear to, bully and harass other members (Super LV saying to someone their map is "fucking terrible") (Many cases of Quisa and Proxima doing the same thing) Then they openly criticise other members for bullying and harrasment, and without banning those who actually do those things They ban people for the smallest, least serious shit As you can see, the biggest problem in this community are the mods. And if the mods expect to be respected, then I expect them to respect us back. And since that's not happening (for some of them), then i have something to say: Some of the mods are fucking terrible. They can be complete idiots and morons. How many times did they deserve to be banned but they were not because they are mods. Ban me if you want, you're just proving my point. You don't let members have a voice. Any criticism is met with deletion of the post or a ban. Some of you are a bunch of idiots and douchebags. If only we could have LV, Welsh, Aen, maybe Imperial and Caritasi (he was a very good mod). I have an opinion, and i expect to be able to say it. You may agree, you may not agree, that is your business. But i think we can all agree that some of the mods are idiots. It has come to the point that we have to tag a mod and say "no ban, please" so they know we're ironic, or we're joking or we just want to post something funny without being fucking banned. I hope this community gets fixed and if some of you want to ban me for what i said, you're proving my point. And if i have to respect you, then you have to respect me. And obviously you don't respect any of us so i don't respect any of you. (I don't respect any of the bad mods, I always used the phrase "some of the mods" because some of them are actually good.)"

TL;DR, Cube expressed his displeasure at the corruption and hypocrisy of The Mapping Community. This post went viral across The Mapping Community, and many members also began to side with Cube. A movement began, #ChangeTMC, created by Bristolian Mapper, and it grew to such a height that Super LV himself intervened. He made Cube Mapping a moderator, and gave him leeway to fix many issues the movement had with The Mapping Community.

Decline and Collapse

Despite Cube Mapping being made mod and the rebellion mostly quench, many consider the uprising to be the beginning of the end of The Mapping Community. It became inactive as Discord had overtaken Google+, and large Discord Servers such as Mappers Union, The Diarchy, and The 2 Kingdoms began to replace it. In October, Super LV quit mapping, and without a figurehead to The Mapping Community, it quickly became unstable. Plantine took charge and declared The Mapping Community a military Junta, attempting to restore order, yet it was already too late. On October 10, 2017, The Mapping Community was deleted.